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Cheat Sheet: 5 Lessons These Celebs Taught Us About Taking Sunset Photos

Cheat Sheet: 5 Lessons These Celebs Taught Us About Taking Sunset Photos

Nothing more beautiful says the day is done like a sunset. And they make for stunning photographs, too!

In between the selfies, photo shoots, and OOTD pictures flooding our Instagram feed, we’ve also noticed a number of celebrities posting sunset photos that are just breathtaking. Check out the ones we found below, and the lessons we learned on how you, too, can capture the beauty for yourselves.


Decide on a subject before taking the picture. Many of us are content with taking just the sun setting below a horizon. But it’s also great to use it as a backdrop for a different subject. Ask yourself what it is you intend to shoot. Do you want the landscape as your foreground? Animals and wildlife? Or, perhaps your actual subjects are people. In actress Coleen Garcia’s IG post below, she and boyfriend Billy Crawford are the sure focus of the picture. Remember, though, that taking anything other than the sunset will turn everything else into silhouettes. 


Cloud formations can make your pictures stand out.  Clouds have this way of adding character to sunset pictures. Consider shooting from a lower point of view (like how Maxene Magalona did in Martessem, Rizal) to really emphasize their uniqueness.   


Take advantage of its color range. Golden hour is perhaps the only time of the day when we are treated to a lovely mix of orange, pink, violet and blue. If you want all these hues at once, try as much as possible to time yourself accordingly, just as actress Dimples Romana did, so that you get the shot you want before the before the day ends and the colors disappear.        


Location, location, location. Beaches and mountains are popular spots for sunset photos, especially here in the Philippines where we have several to choose from. So are mountains and fields! But for those of you who are stuck in the city, we suggest shooting in areas where buildings and other structures aren’t overcrowding the sky. Take it from actress KC Concepcion, who shot her sunset pic right here in Manila.



Angle will influence the outcome of your photo. Last but not least is the importance of camera angle. The point from which you photograph can influence the feel or add to the story behind your picture. Actress Ellen Adarna took this from her bedroom window. And from the looks of it, her #home seems like sheer paradise. 



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