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Hot Stuff: Troop Here To Get Your #HangryProblems Solved!

Hot Stuff: Troop Here To Get Your #HangryProblems Solved!



By Gen Jallorina and Kate Paras


For the Foodie: BOOKY MANILA. Are you tired of missing out on a table at your favorite restaurant? Well, you’re now a few swipes and clicks away to ensuring that nothing stands between you and your cravings. Say “bon appétit” to culinary app Booky Manila! Ben Wintle, the founder and developer of the app, recalls how he and his girlfriend, actress Iza Calzado, used to have a difficult time getting restaurant reservations because restaurants wouldn’t answer their calls—and that’s when the idea for Booky was born! —GJ

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No WiFi? No problem! The Philippines has the slowest Internet connection in the world; thus, Booky solves your dilemma by being able to work offline. With the app, you can also reserve a table and a time in advance. Beat the crowd with no fuss or muss! It makes sense that this culinary wonder is a go-to solution for many celebrities such as Liz Uy, Rajo Laurel, and Isabelle Daza.

Whet your appetite. Satisfy your growling tummy by browsing through more than 15,000 restaurants and over 9,000 menus and dishes at your convenience. Booky features the most comprehensive and fastest loading search engines for menus and contact information compared to other apps.

Get from Point A to Point Burger—fast! Stop driving in circles just looking for a place to eat. Ditch the sore feet from looking for that popular hole-in-the-wall. Booky offers direct navigation advice to your chosen destination through Waze, so you don’t waste gas, time, and money!

The peckish get perks. Booky members also get perks such as discounts of up to P500 per bill at 250 restaurant partners. That number is expected to reach 500 by this month. Not to mention, this No. 1 food app in the Philippines is free to download on iOS  and Android.


For the Health Buff: YUMMY DIET. While some like to spend their time preparing the meals for the day, others just can’t be bothered by it. If you don’t make your own baon, it’s always a challenge finding healthy options in the market. With that in mind, Yummy Diet makes sure that you meet your goals with their meal programs. Within a couple of weeks, you can be on your way to a new you as you shed unwanted pounds the healthy and yummy way! -KP


Diet without the “die.” A lot of people have this misconception that going on a diet means eating bland, boring food. Yummy Diet begs to differ, as their chefs serve you delectable fresh meals daily. With dishes like Bacon & Mixed Mushroom Melt, Salmon Quiche and Greens with Parmesan and Balsamic Vinaigrette, and Meatloaf Muffins, you already know you’re in for a treat!

One size doesn’t fit all. Yummy Diet offers either calorie-counted or Low Carb-High Protein (LCHP) programs. You can choose from 1,200-, 1,500-, 1,800-, or 2,000-calorie meals a day, while the LCHP program offers 1,500 cals for the not-so-active and 1,800 for the very active. The latter doesn’t include bread, pasta, and rice, so you only consume less than 100 grams of carbs per day. You can experiment with what works best for your lifestyle, and shift as you go along. They offer discounts for longer subscriptions, too!

Wait, there’s more! Once you’ve signed up for your program, your kit includes not just three meals per day, but a delicious snack as well. There’s Bacon-Wrapped Crabsticks, Mangoes and Cream, and the like to help keep you going through the day. Also included is your weekly kit of aluminum utensils, coffee and tea packets, and coconut sugar. Consider your weekly meals covered!

Then, there’s the Box of Wellness. As if the diet program isn’t a treat in itself, you get more for being a loyal Yummy Dieter! The Box of Wellness, the company’s latest innovation in the diet delivery game, is a coveted collection of goodies and discount coupons worth over P9,000. It contains healthy treats like coconut water, coconut sugar, all-natural ketchup, brown rice, soy milk, tuna, coffee, and so much more. You’ll be relieved of the need to head to the grocery for a week, for sure!

“I’m the worst junk food junkie you’ll ever meet. Not only do I not eat on time and skip meals, I also love a lot of 'bad' food. That’s why I’m always looking for ways to make healthier choices. With Yummy diet, I am able to curb my food cravings and impulse eating because the food actually tastes good. The door-to-door delivery is so convenient, too!” – Elaine, Chalk editor-in-chief


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Images courtesy of Booky and Yummy Diet




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