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In Focus: Julia Barretto’s Comfy Chic Style Sense—Laid-back Looks Do Champion Loveliness

In Focus: Julia Barretto’s Comfy Chic Style Sense—Laid-back Looks Do Champion Loveliness

Effortless chic and comfy, laid-back style evoke a different sense of beauty without trying too hard, and one who has mastered this so well? Julia Barretto. She's dressed up so simply and in good form that when she enters a room of people you can almost hear a pin drop.  


Julia's well aware of the fact that once in a while even as a celebrity you still want to dress down as a girl ready for the world to get to know better. One key to make these looks work is always make sure your pieces fit well.  


Overworked fashion in many cases can be exhausting, so keeping it effortless whenever possible in between "big days" reserves your energy for high fashion and formal moments. Plus, plain and simple, it's just easier to throw something on on those off-the-grid days.


When it comes to sweats or pullovers, only buy oversized sweaters or jackets if the look works well on you or is still in proportion with your bottom piece. Oversizing might make you end up looking like a child who borrowed their parents' clothes if done off point.  Remember, size in most cases should always be on point. Basic textile colors like white, black, khaki, brown, or denim help play the comfy neutral card well.. .but pastels also aid in the pretty realm of casualwear.


Comfy casual chic often involves fabrics that are light and airy in the summer like cotton, khaki, cotton-lycra stretch blends, and linen.  Then towards the end of the year cozier, non-itchy knits, heavy denims, corduroy, and flannel lined pullovers in the cooler months.


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