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Chalk Talk: Three On Three With Emblem3

Chalk Talk: Three On Three With Emblem3



By Eric Williams


When it comes to walking to the beat of their own drum, Emblem3—composed of The X-Factor alumni Wesley and Keaton Stromberg and Drew Chadwick—has proven that sheer talent can’t ever be replaced. (Their Choice Breakout Group nod at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards proves this!) Fresh from the release of their EP Waking Up and reunion tour, the trio reveals three things closest to their hearts!

Three favorite songs

1. “Sunset Boulevard.” It’s the song that launched our career.

2. “Nothing To Lose.” Because it was the greatest writing experience we’ve ever had—we went in and worked with Matt Martin who is one of the biggest songwriters in the world, so that was really awesome.

3. “End of the Summer.” It’s the newest in the evolution of our music—the truest sound of Emblem3 that we’ve ever captured.


Three mantras in life

1. "Gratitude is the attitude."

2. "Let the story go or become the observer!"

3. "Working as brothers can’t be beat—we’ve all know each other for 15 years now, and we love each other!"


Three ways to settle (musical) differences

1. "Fist fights! Ha ha! Just kidding!"

2. "Come up with an idea for a song together then build off of that."

3. "Take each of our ideas individually to build a sound that’s Emblem3."


Three life lessons from Emblem3

Keaton: "You just have to be grateful for everything you have in this industry."

Wesley: "You just have to get on stage and kill it!"

Drew: "It’s important to have patience, to be in a state of allowance."


Three love notes for fans

Keaton: "I’m so grateful that everyone has stuck with us through the ups and downs of our career so far. I can’t wait to keep making magic forever and ever."

Wesley: "I love you guys so much—you’re the greatest thing to ever happen to me and I can’t wait to see you all again on tour sometime soon."

Drew: "Hey, I really like you!"


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Image by Eric Williams. Special thanks to Jessica Shein and Matt Yorio of MLC PR.




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