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Daily Diaries: Celeb-Approved Quotes To Help You Conquer The Year Ahead

Daily Diaries: Celeb-Approved Quotes To Help You Conquer The Year Ahead

Have you ever come across quotes that just speak to you? Like somewhere, someone knew just how to put into words the things you wanted or needed to hear?

With social media, it’s not uncommon for people to share words of wisdom with their followers. And because another year has begun, we decided to compile some of our favorites and share them with you! We hope that they will inspire you as much as it did us. 


1. Kristel Fulgar. What we learned: Be grateful for the good things in your life because, let’s be honest, once upon a time all you could do was ask God (or whoever you believe in) for these things to happen.

2. Jessy Mendiola. What we learned: Rather than be afraid of what the future holds, relish the idea that the future is an open book. Until you find yourself in a clear and defining moment in your life, allow yourself to learn new things that can help you grow as a person.




3. Piolo Pascual. What we learned: When faced with a problem, thinking outside the box can help solve it.


4. Cheska Garcia-Kramer. What we learned: It’s easy to place value on material things. But what’s more important is to know your worth. Always remind yourself that you are fabulous and priceless.



5. Sofia Andres. What we learned: Beginnings mark the chance at a fresh start. Whether it’s school-related, job-related, or even relationship-related, believe that something good can come out of it.


6. Dawn Zulueta. What we learned: Maybe you’ve witnessed something terrible in your childhood that made you cry. Or maybe you were afraid, but had no one to turn to for comfort. Rather than sulk over the fact, let it inspire you to be a bigger person. Not only will you cope better in the future, but you can help others overcome their own challenges.



 7. Vicki Belo. What we learned: 2016 has come and gone. Shake the bad vibes off, and embrace the new opportunities that await you in 2017.




8. Jolina Magdangal-Escueta. What we learned:  A classic, indeed.  Nothing should stop us from chasing our dreams, no matter how big they are.  

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