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In Focus: Joshua Garcia's 8 Best Moments On "Vince And Kath And James" That Spell Major Heartthrob

In Focus: Joshua Garcia's 8 Best Moments On

Being compared to an established and award-winning actor like John Lloyd Cruz is a big deal, so we're pretty sure Vince and Kath and James star Joshua Garcia has got a pretty bright future ahead of him.

Still in his teens, the former Pinoy Big Brother housemate has often been compared to John Lloyd. Both resemble each other when it comes to looks, their overall demeanor, and the way they act on screen. While he feels giddy and honored by the remark, Joshua aspires to build a name for himself. “Wala po akong babaguhin. Kung ano po talaga ako, yun ang ako,” Joshua told Boy Abunda at late night show Tonight with Boy Abunda.

As for his performance on Vince and Kath, and James, playing the role of Vince? Movie critics praised Joshua’s performance, noting how he is a “charming yet dramatic newbie,” and how he owned the role with an effortless performance.

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How does Joshua make a case for "major-heartthrob-in-the-making"? We count the ways:


1. Joshua's "love at first sight" look is so subtle, one will have a hard time determining which girl makes Joshua's heart beat fast.

Example: Vince’s reaction upon seeing Kath (Julia Barretto) on stage for the first time.


2. Joshua can look silly (and stupid) and remain to be charming.

Example: Kath being amused at Vince's wacky expressions.


3. Joshua knows how to acknowledge a bro's physique without offending the other party.

Example: Vince's facial expression while talking to a very muscular James (Ronnie Alonte).


4. Joshua can melt hearts even when he is in a bad mood. 

Example: Vince engaging in an argument with Kath.



5. Joshua understands every girl's kilig feels.

Example: Vince getting a stolen glimpse at how Kath reacts to his texts.


6. Joshua can maintain his mysterious persona, no matter how much he likes the girl.

Example: Vince's reaction when Kath replied to his anonymous text for the first time.


7. Joshua's stare can brighten up any girl's bad day!

Example: Vince listening to Kath as she vents out her frustrations in life.



8. No matter how messy things can be, Joshua remains to be optimistic at life.

Example: When Vince and Kath encounter a mishap in school.



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