Give life to a boring work desk to be motivated!

Give life to a boring work desk to be motivated!

Most, if not all, deal with the 9 to 5 grind on weekdays in the office. Working in the office may seem to be boring to those with 9 to 5 jobs, but a little decoration to your little work desk can make a big difference in terms of being motivated to work, even if the workload piles up.

How to make a small space motivating enough for a 9 to 5 employee? Here are some ways:

Decorate it with pictures, keychains, and other memorabilia

Your work desk will most probably have dividers that you can play around with. With the help of pushpins and tape, you can place photos, inspirational quotes, small artworks, or even hang some decorative keychains to give life to your work desk.

Want to show off your artistic side? Try placing some DIY artworks to stand out of the office!

Make your files (and office supplies) organized

A motivating work desk also means a work desk that is organized. Make use of old mugs to put your writing materials such as pens and pencils, file organizers to sort out your important documents and folders, and small trays for pushpins.

You can opt to DIY these items for that extra personal touch by adding some artwork to mugs and file organizers.

Add a fancy calendar to your desk

Everyone working knows the importance of dates and deadlines, and what better way to remember (and not miss those crucial dates) by having a calendar at your desk. It can be big or small depending on the available space with your work desk, and you can place there all your important to-dos for each day.

Play around with post-it notes

Never underestimate the versatility of post-it notes. While we normally use them for quick notes and reminders, you can play around with them and create unique artworks to add life to your computer and corkboard.

Place trinkets (like small toys) around your desk

No one is old when it comes to toys! Adding small toys and similar trinkets to your work desk give a personal and creative touch to your work desk. Also, it is a great way of showcasing your personality as well!




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