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Hot Stuff: 7 Reasons Why "Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2017" Will Hit You Hard this January 7

Hot Stuff: 7 Reasons Why

They're  young, they ignite the screen, and are all as cute as can be. Meet the minion-sized music makers and dream seekers guaranteed to put that sparkle in your eye and smile on your face when you tune in to ABS-CBN primetime this January 7, Saturday, at 7.15pm for the season kickoff! Here are seven reasons why you need to watch it:

Contestants: Alonzo Muhlach, Lyca Gairanod, Elha Nympha, Sam Shoaf, Justin Alva, Xia Vigor, and Awra Briguela


1. Your Face Sounds Familiar in the last two seasons wowed people watching the performances on TV and online... and some of the celebrities those past personalities mimicked actually responded via social media.  Who knows what's in store for these kids? Their futures look extremely bright!  Like remember the time Alice Cooper actually tweeted about Jay-R's performance as him?


2. Having children on board for the competition changes the performance dynamic completely. There are different moments and ways of relating on the show this time. When it comes to our YFSF Kids performers, nobody should underestimate what they are able to bring to the screen.


3. All three of Your Face Sound Familiar Kids' 3 panel judges have a warm way of relating to children while being honest, respectful, and endearing at the same time. This season's selection of child contestants couldn't be in better hands than with Gary Valenciano, Sharon Cuneta, and Ogie Alcasid. 


4. The kids may be young but they know how to engage even their live audience. A good number of the kids may secretly be dealing with jitters or stage fright but once they warm up the stage even the live audiences can't help but say "aww" or laugh out loud.


5. Expect all-out performances in smaller size but prepare for wider eyes.  You'll be surprised at how these child performers will reel you in and in that moment you'll be telling yourself "this one just finished that number at this age???".


6.  The friendly chemistry between the child performers as a television team is heartwarming.  In a way, they may be opponents, but they've all certainly got warm and respectful feelings towards each other as artist colleagues. These kids have it in them to encourage one another or share a laugh even in a competition.


7.  Every member of the family can watch the show together now that it's at an earlier time slot on the weekends at 7:15pm beginning this Saturday, January 7. Whether old or young, Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids will delight audiences for sure.


A new face  also joins Gary Valenciano and Sharon Cuneta to complete YFSF Kids' celebrity judging panel for 2017, the Philippines' well loved merry-making musician, actor, and funny man in his own right, Ogie Alcasid. 


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