In Focus: 'It' Couple Solenn Heussaff And Nico Bolzico's Home Is A Haven Of Style And Good Vibes

In Focus: 'It' Couple Solenn Heussaff And Nico Bolzico's Home Is A Haven Of Style And Good Vibes

Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico are no doubt a match made in heaven: Major fitspos both, who love working out together; they're also seasoned travelers and style icons; and most of all, two of the wittiest people on Instagram (and we bet in real life, too). Even so, their personalities and lifestyles also have stark contrasts: She's a mainstay under the spotlight, he works behind the scenes as an entrepreneur; she loves cooking, while he's not really into the kitchen (but happily eats anything she serves, of course). One look at their home though, and you'll see just how much in perfect harmony their tastes are.

With the help of Heim Interiors, Parisian (part of Solenn's lineage), Argentinian (Nico's heritage), and Moroccan (something both of them like) elements seamlessly fuse to create a space that's homey yet hip; sophisticated yet ethereal; and beautifully furnished but low maintenance. #CasitaPulgosa as #SosBolz calls it, is a place full of vibrant colors and diverse textures (that whole South American vibe) with that timeless elegance characteristic of the French countryside.

Upon entering Solenn's condo, one would notice the number of quirky and artsy pieces, which include her personal artworks, various rustic wood pieces, industrial lamps, indoor plants, and various books about their respective interests. Wood furniture and chairs from Vito Selma grace Solenn's living area.

Vibrant colors on carpets help make minimalist furniture and rustic-themed decor pieces stand out.


 Personal works (like Solenn's painting in this photo) add a unique touch to any home.


One of the most remarkable parts of their place is the so-called "Polo Room," teeming with all things horses and yes, polo. A polo stick displayed on the lone brick wall serves as the standout pieces in Nico's personal space, where Solenn also likes hanging out once in a while.

When it comes to establishing a room's, be creative! Aside from using items associated with your said theme (check out the polo stick by the brick wall), incorporate graphic designs into your pillow covers, or maybe add a statue or two resembling your desired theme to complete the look.


In the kitchen, on the other hand, things get more elegant. Moroccan tiles grace the walls, a lovely complement to the wood cabinets, marble countertops, and modern kitchen equipment.

Having a kitchen near the window saves you from needing a range hood.

Solenn's condo also has large windows which allows much light (great for taking photos!) and gives her a scenic view of The Fort skyline. In fact, Solenn loves taking her coffee or juice in this corner, or out on the balcony.

Having large windows also lets in more light, translating to energy savings. 


You won't regret investing in chic outdoor furniture. 


Aside from being creative, Solenn is also an advocate of healthy living. To incorporate nature in her condo (aside from having indoor plants), she also transformed her balcony into a mini garden, complete with a plant wall and some greenery: Something you would rarely see in condo units these days. "It's important to have greenery in one's home, whether it be a house or an apartment. It's relaxing," Solenn said in a post.

Want to incorporate a bit of nature at your home, aside from having indoor plants? Consider adding a plant wall to your space.



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Photographs from,, and Heim Interiors.




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