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Daily Diaries: What I Learned About Courage By Spending Time With These Brave Kids

Daily Diaries: What I Learned About Courage By Spending Time With These Brave Kids

Tear after every tear, treatment after every treatment, at an early age, these kids already deal with life's challenges, pain, and stress most especially. Every patient is different, there's a different type of cancer, different age, different kind of treatment ,and of course, they all have their different remarkable stories of courageous spirits hat can truly inspire anyone any day.

But despite the sickness interruption, daily life does go on for these kids. For any parent, though, learning that your child has cancer can certainly make you feel like the world has been turned upside down. Everything in life may suddenly feel out of control. And your initial thoughts may be "How could this have happened to my child?" and "How will we get through this?"

Recently, we were invited to join Globe Telecom's gift-giving event for the cancer patients at the Philippine General Hospital together with the the Globe Ambassadors, the Globe staff, PGH Foundation team members, and of course, the Stormtroppers from the accredited 501st Legion.

Marifione Suter, PGH Consultant shared to us, "We sent a letter of solicitation to Globe requesting them for help for our project, Charity Patients Medical Fund. The money that we raise from this solicitation is used for direct financial assistance to the patients who are confined to the Philippine General Hospital. With the money, we use it to buy special medicines, very expensive diagnostic tests, because the hospital is able to provide free medicine. Globe was able to address our solicitation."

As I entered the Cancer Institute Foundation of the hospital, one look at the kids, and I noticed immediately the smiles on their faces, and for the few hours I bonded with them, here are the life lessons that I now truly take to heart:


1. I’m reminded daily to have a big picture view of life and to understand what is a real problem. It’s so easy to be caught up in day-to-day dramas that we lose sight of what is a real problem. A real problem is finding a big lump in your neck, getting a scan, then a biopsy, and being told that it’s cancer. Virtually every other problem then goes away.


2. True wealth is measured in family and friends. I’m not talking about numbers. What I’m talking about is the small group of people that will really be with you when it happens. 


3. Do it now! Whatever you want, whatever you like to do, do it now! Stop deferring happiness. People who survive cancer realize that you can’t wait until you kick the bucket to do what you’re dying to do. Prioritize joy. Live like you mean it—NOW.


4. Take care of your body. They have a whole new appreciation for health. Those who haven’t been there may take it for granted. So stop smoking. Eat healthy. Drink in moderation. Maintain a healthy weight. Avoid toxic poisons. Get enough sleep. Above all else, prioritize self-care.


5. Take risks. They have faced their fears and gotten to the other side. They know life is for living because they almost lost it. True living and real joy lie in taking risks. So go sky diving if you want. Bungee jump. Hang glide. Spend your savings (wisely, of course). Live like you might die tomorrow.


During the event, we also got to talk to some of the Globe ambassadors and here's what they have to say about the very heartwarming experience:


Bea Fabregas: "It's interesting because when we talk to people about living, we don't realize that some things might be so nerve-wrecking. When I got the news that I'll attend this event, I was so nervous, and today, the moment we stepped into the room, we already heard that they were so excited, we're not even doing anything but they were so happy, it so amazing. I love how they patiently waited for their turn, it really feels so nice to see them happy."


Kaila Estrada: "I really feel great because you get to make these kids happy, as you give them gifts you can really see on their faces na they're happy, they appreciate it. This might look like a small thing but it's a big deal to them already and then, when I got here and experienced it I realized that it's a big deal for me also. Making these kids happy really touches my heart and I'm glad to see that this whole thing touched their lives din."


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