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Travel the World in 15 Minutes

Travel the World in 15 Minutes

Who says it can't be done? These six Instagram accounts will definitely take you places—195 countries in the palm of your hand.


  1. Beautiful Destinations

With name fitting of its posts, Beautiful Destinations feature scenic sights even from the less-popular countries.



  1. Passion Passport

A “community of travelers, storytellers, and photographers”, Passion Passport will definitely make you want to “just go”.




  1. AFAR Media

AFAR doesn’t want you to just travel—it wants you to do so in a way that makes you totally experience wherever you’re traveling to. Thus, their #traveldeeper.



  1. World Travel Book

If you believe that “It’s a beautiful world” as the account owner does, then that follow button is in order.




  1. Le Postcard

Focusing more on the jetsetters and their quirky habits, Le Postcard combines pretty sights with bits of luxe.



  1. Luxury Travel Diary

The name may have given it away, Luxury Travel Diary is for every posh traveler. It features the finest accommodations and high-end travel essentials.





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