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In Focus: 7 Ways Matteo Guidicelli Will Convince You To Give Triathlons A Shot

In Focus: 7 Ways Matteo Guidicelli Will Convince You To Give Triathlons A Shot

We know, it's really a long race, and you've never thought of yourself as an athlete. Or yes, you might be training everyday but you hate running, you're scared of sharks, you never learned how to ride a bike and you don't have enough free time on your hands. We get it. There are endless of excuses not to do a marathon, much more a triathlon. 

Moreover, a triathlon is flat out difficult and scary. But there are just as many good reasons to do try it out! Perhaps put it on your bucket list this year? 

We got to chat with actor, triathlete, and face of active footwear brand Matteo Guidicelli, and he makes a case for why triathlon can change your life:


1. Try something new. At first, admittedly, Matteo said that he really was not interested in joining a triathlon and thought it was boring. But a month after his dad bought him a bike, he was convinced to join his first tri in Naga, Cebu and from there, the list of events he took part in has gone on and on. 

As he recalls, "With my first few races, I would get so emotional because you don't really know yet what you get yourself into, then there's so much training, it's really very overwhelming and sometimes I even cry." 


2. Challenge yourself. Three sports, one race. Matteo remembers his first triathlon two years ago, "The race started and we all sprinted out into the open water. Not even 200 meters out I was out of breath. I thought I was going to drown and die, literally. I stopped swimming and started back floating to catch my breath." With this, Matteo shares that among the three, swimming is his weakest.  "I get paranoid when it comes to the open water, people hitting you and when the water is dark and unclear. But, I’ve always believed that if you want to improve on something, you have to work extra hard on it. So that means more sessions in the pool. I challenge myself; I put myself in situations where I’m not most confident at. Then I learn and improve from there."


3. Surround yourself with happy, supportive, and positive people. Let's face it. Good vibes rub off. The energy at a triathlon race is intoxicating, and it's difficult not to get tipsy from all the endorphins (and all the sweat!). There’s a great feeling of excitement and determination, mixed with a little nervousness, and you know that every single competitor there shares the same passion for health, fitness, and pushing their limits just as you do. It’s difficult not to feel uplifted and empowered!

Matteo's fave workout buddy? Of course, it's his girlfriend Sarah Geronimo, "We keep pushing each other, we support each other on what we want to do. She likes being fit and staying sexy. It's herself, she does it." 

"She's starting to become adventurous also, and sometimes she already thinks like me." he adds. 


4. Improve your well-being. There’s no doubt that training and competing in three different sports concurrently will help you improve your physical game. It’d be hard not to improve your physical fitness, but the emotional and mental benefits are just as valuable. Matteo shares, "I'm doing it because I have to do it, I have to do it because I love it. I'm passionate in running, in triathlon, and being an athlete. I'm not doing it for show, I'm just being me while im doing it," 

Whilst working towards an awesome goal that, let’s face it, many people wouldn’t ever dream of doing, you can also relieve stress, meet new people, learn new skills, discover new places, and push new limits. When you’re accomplishing goals, and continually improving yourself, kicking goals and improving yourself, it can become a positive loop cycle. You train hard, you feel good about yourself, and you reach new goals. Then repeat!


5. Boost your confidence. Training for a triathlon takes discipline and dedication, but by choosing to commit, you’re making a long-term investment in yourself. You’ll feel great on the inside, and you’ll look fabulous on the outside. You’ll sleep better, change your diet to support your performance, and you’re now an athlete skilled at three different sports. You’ll understand yourself better, because you would have capitalized on your strengths and worked on your weaknesses. And the sense of accomplishment when you finish your first triathlon is something nobody can ever take away from you.


6. You can even do this in style. While plenty of triathletes sport traditional running footwear for training and racing, shoes designed specifically for triathletes can offer a big boost to your performance on race day. "I wear what I believe in, I wear Saucony because I believe them and they support me in my lifestyle and in my sports, they're my perfect running partners, I trust the shoes, and I don't get injured when running with it."


7. Feed your soul. And his advice for everyone who wants to get active and do sports? "Whatever you love doing, put your passion into it, never let anybody stop you, just be yourself and whatever you want to do, just do it, dont let anybody stop you from doing it."


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