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In Focus: The Holiday Hotspots Your Favorite Stars Visit To Unwind

In Focus: The Holiday Hotspots Your Favorite Stars Visit To Unwind

Wondering where celebs head to when they need to retreat and relax? Complete with gorgeous weather, delicious food, and stellar hotels, here are the amazing destinations around the world where the stars like to holiday:


California. From the sunny coast to the snowy High Sierra, a trip to California delivers plenty of holiday charm, especially the historic towns and villages. Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano together with sister Alex Gonzaga headed to this state last year.


What to visit: Spectacular granite formations, plus unique desert plants, make Joshua Tree National Park a rock star. Climbers from around the world love to scramble across its boulder fields and ascend its spires and pillars. A favorite spot is Hidden Valley, a recreation area concealed by huge boulders. Its surreal landscape of jumbled rocks and pinyon pines is popular with climbers and families during the day and with stargazers at night. The evening sky astounds visitors with its brilliance. Where else can you see a zillion stars framed by the stark limbs of the Joshua tree?


Argentina. Argentina is the eighth biggest country in the world, and in terms of landscapes, it is one of the most diverse places imaginable, offering vibrant jungles, wildlife packed wetlands, dramatic glaciers, mammoth mountains, sprawling pampas, dune-dotted beaches, and shockingly turquoise lakes. Anne Curtis, Isabelle Daza, Solenn Heussaff, Georgina Wilson, and their respective beaus spent the holidays of 2015 trekking its beautiful mountains.


Where to stay: Nestled among forests, rivers, and mountains, La Confluencia Lodge, a small intimate wooden eco-lodge is the perfect place to connect with the natural world. The rooms are small and basic, but the emphasis is more on the communal areas, such as the large lounge with fireplace, the reading spaces and the outdoor deck overlooking the Río Azul. The lodge also has a spa, log-fired saunas, and outdoor hot tubs, overlooking the snow-covered mountains.


Korea. Christmas is different in Korea! During Christmas, you’ll find lots of couples on the street in South Korea, which turns into a giant playground for couples during this time. Wearing warm sweaters, decorating a tree, and having a special dinner with family and friends are some of the common ways to celebrate the special holiday that is Christmas, at least in America. In Korea, however, it is less about families and more about couples and having a good time. Truly perfect for celebrity couple and musicians Yeng Constantino and Yan Asuncion.



What to eat: South Korean cuisine is not limited to kimchi and barbecue. Korean food is special, as it's closely connected to the country's culture and history. So why not try their desserts? Patbingsu is a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red bean paste. It is easily available in cafes, fast food joints, and even in bubble tea stores in Seoul. Homilpat, located near Ehwa Woman’s University, is popular amongst locals and tourists.


Dubai. With its year-round human-friendly temperatures and glittering party lifestyle, it’s no wonder Dubai is a playground for lots of celebrities, one of them being Vice Ganda. It should come as no surprise, as Dubai boasts incredible warm weather throughout the year, breathtaking beaches, some of the most brilliantly-designed architectural landmarks on the planet, and incredible dining and shopping opportunities. If you're looking for luxury, elegance, and unbeatable privacy, then the hotels, villas and resorts in Dubai are your best bets.


Where to stay: Located in the fresh new hotel district of Al Habtoor City, W Hotel stays true to its brand of contemporary meets unordinary. Designed by Singapore-based firm Silverfox Studios, the 33-storey hotel is said to be inspired by the always-in-motion location of Sheikh Zayed Road. Rooms offer spectacular views overlooking the highway and the soon-to-open Dubai Canal and feature a fluid bathroom to bedroom concept. They're decked out in hues of white and grey, dotted with neon wall art and cushions. Some even offer built-in DJ booths.


Africa. From the white beaches to the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean; the fantastic coral reefs ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling, to the unmatchable wildlife safari’s in the Maasai Mara, Kenya, Africa has a lot to offer every safari palate. Last year, now newly-engaged couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia had a once-in-a-lifetime adventure there. Immerse yourself in the wilderness and learn more about local cultures. You’ll find truly unparalleled views and experience memorable animal encounters that no other destination can offer.


When to go: The best time to visit Kenya is during the dry season, from July to October. For safaris, the annual migrations happen during that time so wildlife spotting is at its best. If you travel to Kenya during the summertime (December to March) visit the coast or local villages, since the temperatures will be more forgiving. 


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