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Cheat Sheet: How To Pack For A Winter Holiday

Cheat Sheet: How To Pack For A Winter Holiday

Unfortunately, we do not have four seasons here in the Philippines, and the concept of a white Christmas here, or negative degree weather, is just in our imagination. But if you are actually planning a trip to somewhere cold this holiday season, here are a few tips to help you conquer every packing woe:


1. Check the weather forecast of where you're going! Do not forget the wind-chill factor. What it says on the forecast is actually warmer than what you will actually feel.


2. Long johns are your best friend. Basically, these are long underwear that go down to the ankles paired with a long-sleeved top. They are your inner or base wear. Please invest in them. You will not enjoy your vacation if you are freezing your butt off!


3. Think of your presentation layer, meaning the layer that will be over your base layer, and under your open jacket. This is what will make you look cute in your Instagram photos. Pack tops and bottoms that you can just mix and match.


4. Invest in a good jacket. Aside from choosing cute ones, don’t pass on those that actually have good technology that can block wind seeping through it.


5. Do not forget the accessories. And I am not talking about jewelry. I am talking about a bonnet, scarves, gloves, and socks! Sometimes, you might even need earmuffs and masks. Also, if you're going somewhere with snow, bring waterproof shoes (and yes, forget about those cute flats for now). You wouldn’t want soaked shoes especially in winter!


6. Lastly, do not forget to pack your sunblock, moisturizers, and lip balm. Aside from dry skin looking unpleasant, it can hurt!


Happy packing & enjoy your vacation!


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