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Cheat Sheet: Walk Those Holiday Gains Away

Cheat Sheet: Walk Those Holiday Gains Away

There is no busier time of the year than the holidays, and aside from cramming work deliverables between last-minute Christmas shopping, we worry about the extra weight we will gain in such a short period of time.

If you are one who is not fond of going to the gym doing routines, you can actually just walk those gains away! There are many benefits to walking, besides it probably being the easiest form of workout.

Here are some reasons why you should take that extra step according to Coach Quil Cailing of FTX-Fitness Exchange:


1. Walking burns calories. Unlike running, it is low-impact and gentle.

2. As it strengthens your muscles and bones, it also improves your posture.

3. With proper posture, you are toning your abs and waist. You also will be toning your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves.

4. Best is, walking lowers the risk of heart problems, and other diseases.

5. It improves your mood.

6. It will help reducing belly fat, because it increases your metabolism.


To improve your walking, make sure to get the right gear—your chosen shoes should provide you the best support for your feet.

In the last 5-10 minutes of your walk, walk in a slower pace to cool down muscles. Do not forget to stretch after.

He suggests at least walking for 30 minutes a day, but he also notes that even if you do 10 minutes of walking a day, it will have an impact already.


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