Knowing about locksets will help you keep your home safe

Knowing about locksets will help you keep your home safe

Safety is a top concern for everyone who owns a home, and everyone can start beefing up their houses’ security with choosing not just the right door knobs, but also the right locksets for the doors in your house.

There is a variety of locksets to choose from for your home, so we give you a rundown on the different kinds of locksets available in the market and where they are typically used.

Passage lockset

These type of locksets do not lock, and hence do not have a key. Since they can be opened freely, these types of locksets is ideal for your child’s playroom and bathroom.

Privacy lockset

Unlike passage locksets, privacy locksets can be locked at one side of the door, and do have a key that can be used to open them in case of emergency. This kind of lockset is used for bedrooms and bathrooms, where privacy is a top concern.

Keyed entrance lockset

While privacy locksets can be locked only at one side, keyed entrance locksets can be locked on both sides, and also has a key and a turn button for additional security. These are normally used on exterior doors like the entrance door of your house.

Dummy lockset

These are similar to passage locksets except that they are simply for decorative purposes as they cannot be turned. Because of their nature, you use this kind of lockset on double doors like cupboards and cabinets. 




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