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In Focus: The Fabulous Celebrity Parties We're All Wishing We're Invited To

In Focus: The Fabulous Celebrity Parties We're All Wishing We're Invited To

Today, throwing an epic party involves a lot more than just having great food or the perfect playlist. But whether it’s a kid’s birthday, baby shower, or just a random Saturday night get-together, celebs always seem to be able throw amazing bashes that are extravagant, star-studded, and totally over-the-top (in the best way, of course), no matter their busy schedules (then again, they could have party planners...) that just make all of us look on with envy.

While we don't have big budgets and personal assistants at our disposal like they do, there are some details of their parties that we can totally cop to make our own bash a guaranteed blast:


Throw a party like Georgina Wilson. Since throwing a party is a great way to celebrate life and have fun with your good friends, you better work on your g list (guest list) and provide steady background beats, and fill the evening with appropriate scents and tastes to ensure a cohesive, relaxing atmosphere. The key is nailing the vibe you want your party to have through various elements (like food, music, and scents) without necessarily having to spend a lot. For instance, Mrs. Burnand's Christmas-cum-housewarming party didn't need to be extravagant in terms of decor and such, because she had all her closest friends in attendance, excellent food, and lights and lounge chairs and pillows that set the mood perfectly.


Throw a party like Tim Yap. Unlike in a club or lounge, you are in control in a house party. The music, guest list, hours of indulgent fun—they're all in your hands, there are no restrictions (well, almost, because some buildings might have guest guidelines). But surely, with great power comes great responsibility, and if you don't handle things the right way, your next invitations will get deleted before they're even read. Eventologist Tim Yap makes sure his parties are as homey as they can get, while still pulling out all the stops in terms of decor (he does have a penchant for the extraordinary). Bianca Gonzalez says, "Your home is insanely beautiful, @officialtimyap!!!! ?? Thank you for hosting, to the host with the most! ? #judges"


Throw a party like Tessa Prieto-Valdes. Take the fun notches higher by asking everyone to come in costume! Transform your house into a fairytale, or perhaps outer space, depending on what tickles your fancy, and everyone from the little ones to the oldies will surely count this as one of their most memorable parties. Tessa Prieto-Valdes holds annual Christmas costume parties which her friends all look forward to, and for which she herself goes all out in dressing up for.


Throw a party like James Reid. Throwing a party is one thing, throwing a wild party is another thing entirely. Hosting the ultimate pool party for the barkada may seem daunting, what with all that youthful energy in one room that you have to keep up with after spending so much energy on the preps, but we say dont't ya worry, you can definitely wing it. Make James Reid's wild swingin' and fun birthday party your peg and invest on the cutest inflatables and balloons and an endless stream of food and free-flowing drinks, and you'll be good.


Throw a party like Vice Ganda. Vice Ganda and his family and friends partied the night away just early this week to celebrate the success of his new box-office hit Super Parental Guardians and the sustained high-ratings of noontime show It's Showtime. His venue of choice? Novotel, which also provided great entertainment and that whole clubbing feel. If you want to just relax, opt to hold your event in a place that has an in-house crew that can take care of the preps for you.


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