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Best Of 2016: The Loveliest Celeb Weddings That Made Us Swoon Over Their Fashion And Their Feels

Best Of 2016: The Loveliest Celeb Weddings That Made Us Swoon Over Their Fashion And Their Feels

Having your wedding soon? Congratulations! You'll add to the roster of happy couples tying the knot in the coming year—your favorite celebrity couples included. But if Pinterest isn't enough for some wedding inspo, why not take a look back on the star weddings of the year that was?

From the feel of the location, to the gorgeous gowns and suits worn by the couple and their guests, these ladies' nuptials rank the highest in our book when it comes to the most stylish weddings of the year:


1. Clean and Classic at #SosBolz. The green landscapes in France complemented the simple lines and neutral colors that abound at Solenn and Nico's wedding. With flower crowns for a fancy touch, everything speaks easy sophistication.

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2. Dainty and Elegant at #TheBurnands. Lace, chiffon, silk—name it. The first 'it girl wedding was all grandeur. While the wedding may seem like it was rushed given it was kept really hush-hush, it's actually well-planned as evidenced by the exquisite details (the reception set-up was just soooo dreamy). Can we say perfection?


3. Flower Power at #BelleAdrien2016. Blooms abound! Isabelle went for florals for her special day, matching her Italian setting of romance and glamour.

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4. Cool and Breezy at #KhatibiWorld. Suiting the great Balesin background, guests were in their coolest and bluest outfits during Cristine and Ali's wedding. Off-shoulders, loose polos, maxi dresses? Sounds like the most chillax nuptial gear.


5. Solid Hues at #CastilloNaSiAbad. Everyone at Kaye and Paul Jake's wedding was in sync—especially in their gowns and suits! The different cuts and styles, though, made each guest stand out from each other (except for the bride and groom, of course).


6. Como Chic at #PITTurePerfect. The bridesmaids scream tres chic in flowy, shoulder-baring gowns that are part-trendy, part-elegant. Timeless.


7. Rosy Blush at #FinallyFarinas. For the sweet occasion, Karel and Sean's entourage were all smiles in blush-toned gowns and gray suits. The combo is a subtle coordination of all attendees, plus it looked really easy and pretty on the eyes!


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