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Best Of 2016: 5 Legit Love Lessons We Learned From The Country's Top Loveteams

Best Of 2016: 5 Legit Love Lessons We Learned From The Country's Top Loveteams

Another 366 days have gone, and those days were all packed with new adventures, challenges and lessons to carry to the upcoming year—making us better, stronger, and more mature individuals. 

In the love department, our favorite real and reel life loveteams took care of things we need to remember to survive the confusion. People may tell you that there isn't forever, but it isn't the case for them. LizQuen, KathNiel, JaDine, DanRich, and KimXi keep our hopes up and send these must-keep-in-mind tips when you're under the spell of romance:


1. It's important to be yourself and have fun. Chill and let loose. What we learned from LizQuen is it's important to keep it simple and low-key. Don't be afraid to be candid and wacky!



2. Love is about sticking with each other through thick and thin. Kathryn and Daniel were a bit on the controversial side this year, and many remarks, good and bad, were thrown at them. But still, they stood up against these and conquered obstacles together. This you-and-me-against-all-odds, we deem, is the secret to their staying power.

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3. Just be yourselves. No pretense, just love. James and Nadine didn't keep their relationship hidden too long from the public, because what's the sense of being together if you can't show the whole world just how much you love each other? So they just went on like a normal couple would, and never made up anything, keeping themselves real, for real.

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4. Be consistently reminded of what you love about your partner. Keep the fire burning! Daniel and Erich seem to fall in love each other all over again every single day. Do the same with your partner, and never let a day slip without recalling why you fell in love with him or her in the first place.


5. OId school never gets old. Traditional dating is a classic, so insert a bit of effort in this day of modernity. Like this move by Xian when he asked Kim to go with him to the Star Magic Ball—it's magical, indeed!


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