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Daily Diaries: Stop Waiting For The New Year—Life Is Happening Now

Daily Diaries: Stop Waiting For The New Year—Life Is Happening Now

I remember being not as agreeable when one of my friends mentioned that New Year, if you think about it, doesn't exist. Thinking about it more, I sort of got the point. Human beings, so to speak, invented the calendar and conceived the cycle of months and years. In effect, he seemed to point out that New Year is just another set of 365 days all bundled up under another 4-digit number. It's okay to enjoy the idea of the "New Year" and project rehabilitation but life as we know it is just day, after day, after day, after day. It all simplifies the idea of the New Year's resolution. I think the hugest New Year myth we all need to debunk is that our resolutions for change need to begin on January 1. I think that idea is the least likely to lead to success.



The truth is, if you don't have it in you to begin your plotted resolution and list of changes today amidst 2016's last few falling leaves from the calendar then the odds aren't very high that you'll be constant with your resolution from January 1 onwards. You can start off by doing these three action steps even before the year ends (better if right now!):


1.  Clear out material clutter and everything that hasn't been used in six months or more out of your most used room, clear space = clearer head.


2. List two important tasks/errands you tend to neglect on a daily basis and dedicate 30 minutess or 1 hour out of your day to each of those tasks from now on.


3. Ask three honest people who love you, one relative, one friend, and one work colleague with a meek heart for a "palanca" a letter that offers encouragement, prayer, and honest insight on your strengths and weaknesses as a person. Some of what they write might hurt but your maturity in asking for feedback will gain their respect.


You need to be willing to begin now and take 2017 like it's yours and no one else's.  



Starting with your changes step by step now before the year-end is like a warm up and once January is in full swing, you're on a roll with that resolution having gotten a headstart from the moment you've made your decisions.


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