Hot Stuff: 10 Apps You Should Have On Your Phone For A More Organized 2017

Hot Stuff: 10 Apps You Should Have On Your Phone For A More Organized 2017

The start of a new year is a great time to think back and reflect on what really worked for you and what isn't quite cutting it. And when it comes to staying organized, there is no one-size-fits-all. It's really all about finding the system that works for you, or let's say, picking apps or tools that you can actually use, and remembering that there are lots of options to choose from as you figure out the best fit.

Yup, finding the right app to help organize your life can be just as stressful and time consuming as the actual organization part. But here, our goal is to help you be as successful and productive as possible, so we’ve put together this handy list of 10 apps to help organize the upcoming year in your life:


1. For those who get a kick out of crossing items off a paper to-do list, will give you that same sense of accomplishment. Each time you complete a task, simply swipe right and the app strikes through the item and moves it to the bottom of the list. Just shake your phone for completed tasks to disappear.

Download from iOS and Android for free. 


2. Pocket. Don’t have time to read that article or watch that video—but want to make sure you can find it later? This mobile app lets you do just that with links, videos, and news articles, saving the content in the app so you can access it when you have time (like on your commute or while you’re waiting for friends at a restaurant). 

Download Pocket from iOS and Android for free.


3. Moodnotes. Moodnotes is an app for iOS that aims to track your moods and feelings through journaling. It works by sending you a daily notification asking you to rate your overall mood using an adjustable smiley face. Depending on your response, you are presented with a couple of relevant questions that aim to dig a little deeper about why you feel the way you do, whether it’s happy, sad, or indifferent and provide you with feedback.

Plus, each stage of the app is designed to reflect the methods of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) so don’t let the colorful interface fool you.

Download Moodnotes from iOS and Android for free.


4. Hootsuite. Are you a social media pro? If so, Hootsuite is here to help you out. You can schedule all of your social media posts and they’ll be posted for you at a specified time through the app (with the exception of Instagram). A cool feature: Hootsuite analyzes your follower data and suggests the best times to post for highest engagement.

Download Hootsuite from iOS and Android for free.


5. TripIt. This app takes everything you need to travel and streamlines it into one spot. Traveling is great in theory, but the actual process can quickly become pretty stressful with boarding passes, itineraries, and hotel bookings all over the place. Here, you can name your trips, import all of your travel data, set reminders, and have everything ready at the touch of a button. Fret not, wanderluster!

Download TripIt from iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7 for free.


6. FullContact Card Reader. Looking to improve your networking skills in 2017? You better believe that organization plays a role here, too. For one, consider what happens to all the business cards you receive: Odds are they’re sitting in a drawer somewhere, and you’d be hard pressed to find the contact you’re looking for, should you need to. Download FullContact Card Reader, an app that scans business cards and converts the information into an iPhone contact. Pretty nifty. 

Download FullContact Card Reader from iOS and Android for free.


7. Week Menu. This app does exactly as its name implies: You can plan your meals for the week ahead, which is great if you’re trying to kickstart a healthy diet. You can create your own recipe book and add pieces to from anywhere on the Web or manually. 

Download Week Menu from iOS for free.


8. Whether your goal for 2016 is to get fit, learn to play the piano, or just be more adventurous, will help you stay on track with some encouragement. It sets you up with a one-on-one pro for whatever area you’re interested in and they will then help you devise a plan of action and check in with you to see how things are going and motivate you along the way.

Download from iOS and Android for free. 


9. Hopper. Hopper is great if you're planning a holiday in the future. It can tell you when the flights you want will be the cheapest, so if you’re willing to be flexible, you could find yourself a great deal. And if you can’t wait to book, just select the flights you’re interested in and it will notify you every time the price changes, as well as giving you advice on when to book. 

Download Hopper from iOS and Android for free.


10. Headspace. This app is perfect for meditation skeptics. It offers a free 10-day challenge where Andy Puddicombe, the app’s creator, will guide you through a series of 10-minute meditation sessions. Besides his charming accent, the app’s design and community should definitely keep you interested and coming back for more until you’re hooked.

Download Headspace from iOS and Android for free.


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