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In Focus: What You Need To Know About The Life Of A Fashion Blogger

In Focus: What You Need To Know About The Life Of A Fashion Blogger

"You stand in front of a camera, take photos of yourself, write about what you're wearing, and post them online for a living?" someone bluntly asked me at a party. The answer is yes... and no." fashion blogger and Thirsty Thought main woman Kryz Uy shared in her newly released book Behind the Blog published by ABS-CBN Publishing Inc.

People see blogging as a job that involves much of making it look like you’re not doing any work at all because while many other creative workers struggle to find stable and fulfilling careers, bloggers and others with digital influence seem to have shaped their careers with ease. But for the real bloggers, the reality involves 80-plus-hour work weeks, financial instability, and no real breaks. 

Kryz keeps it real: This idealized profession is less glamorous than it first appears. "People oversimplify blogging. They assume it's easy and effortless. How can they not? We make it a point to be perceived that way. It appears to be one of the most modern-day glamorous occupations, because it is, but it does come with its challenges and steep learning curves."


From free clothes to endorsement deals, fashion bloggers can have it all, especially if you're one of those on the A-List who's being wooed by big name brands with countless gifts and incentives. However, your blog needs to be widely followed before you can be considered worthy of preferential treatment. Fashion bloggers also earn through paid promotions, collaborations, and sponsored posts.


It could take years before you make it to the big league. Maintaining a successful blog goes far beyond displaying photos of you sporting the latest fashion. It will take you a while to determine how to stand out from the pack, especially today when so many people have already ventured into blogging. You must keep up with the latest news and stay up-to-date on trends. Being very patient is key during the initial stages.


Fashion blogging is a difficult career choice, one filled with many challenges. But the rewards are certainly worth it. "This is a story that hopes to inspire and make you realize showing gratitude, believing and loving yourself, as oversaid as it is, is the first and most important step you'll take. The rest will naturally come to you," Kryz adds in her book.

"Throughout all these years with fashion wins and mishaps, I'd like to think I finally found my personal style."


"Today, I love pieces that are classic and sophisticated, but aren't boring. Modern cuts in classic colors and prints that look age-appropriate and effortlessly put together always seem to be my top pick," Kryz on her personal style. 

Aside from fashion blogging, this lady also has a lot of knowledge in the beauty department. Here, she also shares to us some of her beauty secrets that keeps her fresh-faced all day long:


Tweezers. "I can't stand messy eyebrows (or overly plucked ones!). I tweeze stray hairs to keep my brows tidy, but always make sure not to overdo it."


Lippies. "Lippies are my secret weapon. When I have to go out in a rush, all I need is a pop of lip color and big round sunnies."


Eyelash Curler. "Eyelash curler because they instantly make your eyes look more alive. If I have to choose just one beauty item to live with, it would be this!"


Concealer. "I'm such a workaholic and always end up staying awake for long hours at night. I need a hydrating concelaer to help brighten my undereye area and make me look more well-rested."


Finishing Spray. "Cakey looks are a no-no for me, so I finish off my made up face with the right facial mist."


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