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In Focus: Check Out How Immense An Impact Women Working Out Together Makes

In Focus: Check Out How Immense An Impact Women Working Out Together Makes

You've heard it before: Some things are better done together. Studies show that working out with a partner or a group has more benefits than hitting the weight rack or treadmill solo. Doing a workout with a friend, coworker, or significant other can increase accountability, keep spirits high, and even spur better results. 

Take it from celebrity fitness pals Solenn Heussaff, Isabelle Daza, and Anne Curtis who regularly put in a lot of time and effort to stay fit despite their schedules, and often sweat it out together. 

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When it comes to running, Anne simply does it just like us. She has been a frequent runner—even while abroad. Yup, just like late last year, Anne posted a photo of her as she accomplished her very first marathon in New York City, which is considered the largest and most popular marathon in the world. "I can't explain how fulfilling it is when you cross the finish line. It certainly isn't easy but the whole experience is worth the physical pain." she captioned. 


When it comes to fitness inspiration, it's also hard to beat Solenn Heussaff's commitment to a healthy lifestyle. When looking at her Instagram account, it takes all of five seconds to see that she's constantly working out, or exploring intense activities.


Exercise is important and what better way to break a sweat than to be on a bike cycling. Spin classes are becoming more and more popular as quick exercises in-between a busy schedule. And one of those celebs who crave the spin is no other than the fit and always fab, Isabelle Daza. 


Not only is having one more fun, but an exercise partner can make you more accountable, motivated, and even fast-track your fitness goals. If you could only do two things to improve your health, we’d suggest exercising and hanging out with friends. The former is self-explanatory, but the latter may be even more important than you’d think. So we say, why not combine the two? Exercise with your friends. 

Recently, we got to join the first and largest fitness festival in the Philippines for women, the culmination of global sports brand adidas' monthly workout sessions a.k.a Women FitSquad parties, the FitSquad FitFest event, joined by over a hundred women at the Globe Live Ampitheatre. It was a high energy, inspiring event jam-packed with various fitness sessions ranging from Rocket Yoga to Combat Training. 

“adidas Women FitSquad FitFest serves as the fulfillment of FitSquad’s mission to inspire all women, regardless of age, physique, or level of athleticism, to discover their true strength and push their limit, ultimately, to become their fittest and healthiest selves. We know that doing this can pose a challenge, but FitSquad cultivates a strong culture of support,” says Jen Dacasin, Brand Communications and Sports Marketing Manager, adidas Philippines.

Increasing numbers of women are now discovering that it's more fun to work up a sweat together. adidas girls Isabelle Daza, Solenn Huessaff, NT Sweat creator Nikki Torres, Ms. Gold's Gym 2016 Cassie Umali, Polecats Manila Founder Kayleen Ortiz, and others were also there to help empower FitSquad members to achieve their fitness goals.

Scroll through and to read some the girls' tips, advice, and thoughts about fitness and for sure, these powerful ladies can help you stay on track to being your happiest, healthiest, and fittest self yet:


Lexi Gancayco: "It’s good to find a good support system. You don't have to be on your own. Fitness is not limited to anyone. Anybody can do it, so its easy to ask a friend to join you or a family member. It's much easier when you started with someone."

Ida Paras: "Just jump in, there's no other way to get fit than to get started and decide, that's mostly what people are arfraid to do, they are always afraid to start because they don't know when to start. Just try whatever. You don't need to do indoor cycling, just do a simple exercise and enjoy it."


Nikki Torres: "Out of the head and into the body. Making that connection with yourself and connecting with the strong positive energy around you."


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