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Cheat Sheet: The Art Of Creating Pleasurable Food, According To Nigella Lawson

Cheat Sheet: The Art Of Creating Pleasurable Food, According To Nigella Lawson

Sometimes, it’s not enough that we just eat—it’s about tasting and feeling every sensation as flavor after flavor of the dish before you spreads in your mouth. It’s about the whole experience of enjoying it, similar to the way when we cook something. And if there’s someone who perfectly understands this concept, it’s food writer Nigella Lawson.

During her recent visit to the Philippines for the launch of iconic Italian sauce brand Contadina, she was able to share her thoughts on how in sync her being a cooking and a writing genius are. Nigella says, “It is interesting to see how I can use the food language. When I write about food, I try to give a clear indication of what it feels like to be cooking—what the textures are, what the smell is, and what the recipe and food evokes. In the same way, when I cook, I am trying to tell my story through food and talk to people.”

Especially since cooking is part of our everyday lives, we asked her what else there is to know about the art of creating something good for the tummy. And according to her, it’s not only your bodies that should be nourished:


1. Cooking is good for the soul, too. “[Cooking] is very absorbing without being too challenging. Stirring and chopping and smelling beautiful smells is good for the soul.”


2. How you grew up affects how you cook a certain dish. “There’s a huge emotional history in food because it may be something that your mother cooked or you had when you were a child. The important thing is, not everyone has your history. So you have to able to convey your love for that and it has to taste good for people who haven’t grown with that particular dish or memory.”


3. Simplicity in food is not boring. “People think that simple is boring. It isn’t. You know, Steve Jobs said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. It’s about trusting these ingredients and letting them sing.”


4. Striving to be original is key to cooking success. “It taught me to be clever with my hands.”


5. Always think about these questions. “When you start cooking, it shouldn’t be, ‘How can I surprise people?’ It should be, ‘How can I give pleasure with my food?’ and, ‘How can I enjoy myself in the kitchen?’”


6. Trust your guts. “The cooking has to be authentic. And to be authentic, it has to be in my guts.”


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