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In Focus: The Must-Have 2017 Planners That Will Help You Make This Your Most Organized Year Yet

In Focus: The Must-Have 2017 Planners That Will Help You Make This Your Most Organized Year Yet

Whether you’re infatuated with keeping an organized schedule or just trying your best to keep your life in order, chances are you're looking for a functional agenda that will keep you focused—right? 

We have good news for you: There are plenty of practical, stylish, and purse-friendly  or convenient options out there for all your planning needs! After all, there’s something about the chance to reach new goals and opportunities that instantly puts you on a hunt for a stylish task-keeper. 

So to keep you up-to-date, we did some online scouring and gathered a few agendas to help organize your 2017:


The Classics

The Starbucks Planner is a tried and true veteran in the planner world. Each year, it comes back with upgrades to make it more efficient and enjoyable to use. And this time around, the Starbucks 2017 Planner is more elegant and sophisticated than ever, with two designs to choose from: The coffee stains and blue siren. The planner also comes with stickers, an erasable pen, a magnetic bookmark, a cloth pouch that matches the design of your choice, and of course, coupons.

Customers who want to get their hands on a copy should collect 18 stickers–9 of their featured holiday drinks and 9 drinks of their choice.


Paulo Coelho is an artist and author who’s created a ton of good books, but this one takes the cake. In addition to the usual scheduling and to-do list components, Friendship Day Planner 2017 also contains the same wisdom that draws readers to his books that can serve as a source of daily inspiration year round.

Begin each day with an inspiring quote from some of Coelho’s most celebrated works as you plan your daily tasks, travels, and personal journeys. Plus, Catalina Estrada's rich and vibrant illustrations adorn the pages of the planner reminiscent of her native Colombia, so it’s really perfect for the visually and artistically inclined.

Paulo Coelho's Friendship Planner, P595, National Bookstore and Fully Booked


Belle de Jour is more than just a lovely name—these planners offer endless options to not only make them pretty, but to make them super functional in helping you manage your life and studies, career, or business.

Now on its 11th edition, BDJ continues to inspire women to achieve their goals, dreams, and make a difference in their community, all in great style.

This planner also has weekly affirmations, informative editorials and special worksheets that all work together so every Bella can achieve a sense of self-fulfillment at the end of the day.

Belle de Jour Power Planner, P598,, National Book Store, Powerbooks, and Fully Booked


The Planner That Gives Back

Yearly, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's The Giving Journal hopes to remind everyone that life is about what we can contribute to the world during this season of giving. And one such advocacy is the Real LIFE foundation, an organization that helps serving the poor through education, character development, and community service. 

With both weekly and monthly layouts, inspirational phrases and quotes, and the cute hand lettering styles, this planner is sure to keep you motivated for the whole year! 

Customers need to complete and get all the 12 circles stamped on their stamp cards to be able to claim The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2017 Giving Journal. 


The Adventurer

Forget the plastic or cardboard covers: This leather-book look of the 2017 Wrangler Planner is straight-up luxurious. And the map, stamps, and travel icons on the cover are sure to remind you that you're going places this year.

You can get this planner free for every P4,000 single-receipt worth of Wrangler items. 


The Sunnies Agenda 2017 Planner is truly a great travel-inspired notebook for every adventurer's 'big ideas'. Available in two hip Pantone colors, this will be great as a gift or when you plan your next trip. It's also teeming with pages where you can plot out your travel itinerary and jot down your travel memories. Plus, it's also got maps, timezones, and other information that will surely come in handy when you travel!

You can get this planner for P199 when you purchase two sunglasses or P499 when you buy a pair.


The Artsy Cool

What’s really great about this one in particular is that it’s simply designed for someone who has a lot to do, but who wants to look calm, cool, and collected, too. Design Your Life 2017 Planner's concept is based on the design principles of form, fun, and function. Its clean and simple layout helps you manage your schedule in a fashionable and timely manner. Define your priorities, set your goals, and achieve the work-play balance you deserve. 

Design Your Life 2017 Planner, P595,

What other datebook allows you to draw while you organize your life? Moonleaf Planner gives you enough space to write out your tasks, plan your days, and doodle all you want. And yes kids, this time around, your teacher won’t yell at you for making a mess of your agenda so doodle all you want.

Moonleaf Planner 2017, P350, Moonleaf Tea Shop


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