Cheat Sheet: Maximize Any Space With These Expert Tips

Cheat Sheet: Maximize Any Space With These Expert Tips

Ever look at your room and just wonder how did you accumulate all the things that you have? But since they're all there already, yet no additional space will magically appear to accommodate them, you gotta work with what you have, girl. We asked the advice of interior designer Erika Uichanco on how we can maximize our spaces. 

Good news: She believes that every room can be maximized. It may be as simple as decluttering, throwing out unnecessary items, or rearranging your existing layout. Modern design is all about using existing space and thinking of creative and street smart solutions to make the home organized yet warm and welcoming, so don't lose hope because every space has a chance to look good with the right strategy.

Below are her easy tips and tricks to help you get the most of your space:

1. Choose a focal point and plan around it. Once you find the focal point of the room, you can expand outward to your decorating. This will make your room more spacious and larger by drawing the eyes to the focal point instead of the other areas. A nice headboard or accent colors on walls would be a nice example of this, among others.



2. Discard items that you don’t use. Both big and small items that you don’t use should be discarded. Often times we store it in the closet, using up precious storage space that can be used for other items. This is helpful especially in small spaces.

3. Get multi-purpose furniture. Choose items that are multi-functional to lessen clutter around the room and still serve their purpose. Sofas or couches that double as beds, beds that fold into closets or tables, coffee tables that can turn into working desks or dining tables, are available in the market. This is a smart and foolproof solution that can be used in any space.



4. Add extra shelves to create specialized spaces. Instead of having one area for storage, why not split it up into smaller sections and areas? This may be useful for organizing and designating for more specific tasks. Vertical storage can also be used in the tiniest spaces you thought you couldn’t use; a good example of vertical storage are pull out storages for the bathroom and kitchen. 


5. Use your walls. Maximize storage by hanging items such as chairs or bicycles when not in use. Complement it with other built-in furniture to further maximize storage space. 


6. Use shelvings and baskets. Baskets and boxes for open shelving keep clutter at bay and can help organize items in the home. Be creative with how you arrange the boxes and baskets as these can be used as accents on your cabinets and shelves as well. 


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