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Cheat Sheet: Say Goodbye To Christmas Chaos With These Easy Peasy Creative Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Cheat Sheet: Say Goodbye To Christmas Chaos With These Easy Peasy Creative Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Why not step up your holiday gift-giving this year by going the extra mile when it comes to wrapping your presents? With so many beautiful and inexpensive ways to wrap presents, you won't run out of ideas that will make your friends and family want to save every scrap of paper and ribbon and decals.

We've compiled simple DIY gift wrapping tricks that will surely be just the perfect finishing touch you need for your Christmas presents. Whether you’re looking for something whimsical for the kids or something classic for a close friend, these DIY wrapping ideas will surely have everyone searching beneath the tree to see which pretty package is theirs.

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See all of the ideas we love, then pick out your favorites and use them on your loved ones’ gifts, or if you’re on a roll, try them all!


1. Paper straw gift toppers. Be a wrap star! Get creative and make gift toppers using trendy craft elements like these paper straws. 


2. Chalkboard gift wrap. Doodle all over your gift wrap with fun designs to bring a smile to anyone's face.


3. Recycled magazine bows. Recycle your old magazines to make colorful bows that your friends and family will want to save for years to come.


4. Pom pom gift wrappers. Felt pom poms give your wrapping paper a touch of whimsy when they're nestled under the tree.


5. Nature-inspired gift wrap. It’s the accents on top that add the special finishing touch to this little grouping of seasonal surprises. The bits of burlap fabric give a textured feel when layered upon smooth, simple wrap. Plus, the embellishments tied to the top with natural jute show that you literally went the extra mile to show your love.


6. Washi tape gift designs. Washi tape can add pops of color and pattern to plain wrapping paper for a unique look.


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