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Cheat Sheet: Easy-To-Do Snacks That The Whole Family Will Love!

Cheat Sheet: Easy-To-Do Snacks That The Whole Family Will Love!

Merienda time is family time! But sometimes, even the craftiest moms run out of ideas on what to prepare for the fambam. With the Alaska Condensed Snack Pack, there’s no need to stress because it can make simple merienda nibbles into delicious and healthy snacks because it’s packed with more than 20 essential nutrients! Here are some quick and easy merienda ideas that the entire family can enjoy!

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Sandwich the milky goodness! If your children are looking for something other than the usual cheese or sandwich spread, try the Alaska Condensed Snack Pack—it makes a creamy and tasty palaman for pandesal, toasted bread, or crackers! This is also an easy-to-prepare pambaon for your kids, a treat that they’ll surely appreciate during a long day at school (the fact that it’s a nutritious snack certainly helps, too)!


Peanut butter toast with a twist! Peanut butter toast is an enjoyable snack as is, but you can make it so much better by adding condensed milk! First, toast a slice of bread, spread peanut butter all over, then drizzle it with the Alaska Condensed Snack Pack! This is definitely a must-try. And like peanut butter, condensed milk tastes great with an assortment of food, thus you could pair it with butter or chocolate spread as well.


Go bananas! Bananas make for quick, healthy, and delicious snacks. These can be even more delectable—and more kid-friendly—with condensed milk! Drizzle sliced bananas with the Alaska Condensed Snack Pack and you have a snack that’s even tastier and healthier! Moreover, this is a good way to get your little tykes into the habit of eating fruits (you can also try this with other fruits such as strawberries and mangoes).


Make drinks creamier! The Alaska Condensed Snack Pack isn’t just for desserts and merienda snacks, though—you can also use this to make the fambam’s favorite beverages even more enjoyable! Add it to the hubby’s coffee and the kids’ chocolate drink (can be hot or cold) to make these creamier and more delightful! 


With these snack ideas, the whole family will surely be looking forward to merienda time! Moms, make sure the fambam’s snacks are always healthy and appetizing with the Alaska Condensed Snack Pack!


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