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In Focus: Why Piolo Pascual Is A Staunch Advocate Of Working Out

In Focus: Why Piolo Pascual Is A Staunch Advocate Of Working Out

“You are your own product,” says actor Piolo Pascual, pointing out that we should always be aware of what our body needs.

After all, we just have one life to live and the only way we can make the most out of it is by taking care of our well-being and keeping a balanced life. That’s just one of the many reasons why the celebrity health buff and SunLife Brand Ambassador considers keeping his body in shape and living an active lifestyle as one of his top priorities in life.

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“You don’t have to wait and get sick when you can control your lifestyle now and live a healthier life,” says Piolo, emphasizing that we are all exposed to the danger of getting sick. To fight this, he sees to it that he’s aware of what his body is taking in and that he goes to annual physical check-ups despite his busy schedule at work. Prepping for more strenuous activities is also a must even for a runner like Piolo. He shared that he tries to do at least 45-60 minutes of cardio exercises before a competition to maintain the high level of fitness and keep his stamina up.

“I’m not trying to compete with anyone, my competition is myself—I’m trying to be better at what I do. It’s important because people see your progress and you want to inspire people to be better at what they do.”

For instance, for this year’s Sunpiology Run, he squeezed in as much training as he could despite his long list of work commitments, which included out-of-the-country shoots. Piolo hopes to live by example and influence people to love their body more through the way he takes care of his own body and thanks to the annual Sunpiology run, he is able to do just that.

With the run growing bigger and better every year, Piolo is not only able to raise more awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, but has also been making such a huge difference on the lives of the kids from the Hebreo Foundation, the event’s main beneficiary. He simply hopes to keep up with the fast-paced growth of this beautiful and purposeful event they started eight years ago. “It’s overwhelming to have an event named after you but you have to level up to keep the pace—like in running—you always have to be present and be at your best [as a role model] because at the end of the day people need someone to look up to so they can have a better outlook in life,” he notes.

So with eight years partnering with Sun Life Financial for charity and fundraising events, what does Piolo consider to be his favorite Sunpiology memory? No less than all those times he was able to run alongside his son, Inigo, who shares his vision when it comes to health and lifestyle.

Besides Piolo, there are a lot of other Star Magic celebrities who are firm believers in the power of working out and were more than happy to join in on this year’s run, which also aimed to shed light on the fight against diabetes with the Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation, Inc. (ISDFI) as one of its beneficiaries, thus the title Sugar Wars. Other beneficiaries this year are the Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation, Inc. (ISDFI), Lingkod Kapamilya, Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation Philippines Inc, and Star Magic Scholars.


Check out what we learned from these fit stars about how to make workouts fun:

“The workout that I mostly do is squats ‘cause that’s where I feel I need to improve my body, and to make my workout more fun I always use music,” Kira Balinger shares. Zaijan Jaranilla, on the other hand, trains in basketball, Wushu, and has been a consistent Sunpiology 5k runner since 2011! “’Pag nagsama-sama kayo ng mga friends mo tumakbo, sobrang sarap po ng feeling,” says the 15- year-old star.

On the other hand, getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new are Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca’s ways of having fun in workouts. Gerald who is better known for his athleticism in basketball is taking on more dynamic activites. “Sumasali ako sa mga triathlon kasi gusto ko something new,” he shares. Jake Cuenca, who was originally more into football and motorcycling rather than triathlons, claims that participating in sport activities that he was not fond of before made him feel better about himself. “I have to admit I was judging it too much at first. And the thing is, it’s very challenging because you’re competing with yourself. Telling yourself that you can do something—it’s fun. It’s fulfilling and satisfying,” he shares, excitingly.

But then again, workouts do not have to be necessarily extreme right away. You just have to start somewhere by trying out an enjoyable activity, and take baby steps from there. Just like McCoy de Leon, whose very workout activity is the thing he’s passionate about, which is dancing, so his workouts are automatically fun for him. Meanwhile, Elisse Joson, who doesn’t consider herself very active, goes to the gym or enjoys a badminton match with friends. “Mas okay ako ‘pag may kasama ako, kunwari friend ko, para ‘di masyadong dull,” says Elisse.

If you’re not yet convinced as to why living a healthy lifestyle is one of the best things you can do for yourself, we’ll let Piolo drive the point home: “If you realize you only have one life to live, you toil so much, you labor so much [then] one day you realize you’re sick. All you’ve saved up, you’ll just spend on hospital bills. Why waste time? Why wait for that to happen when you can control your lifestyle? [We’ve been doing] this run for awareness, for people to know we can fight [sickness] not just by living a healthy lifestyle, but also by running, by living by example, and showing [others] it’s important to love our body, to be fit, and to live an active lifestyle.”

We couldn’t agree more.


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