In Focus: Take Inspiration From Lovi Poe's Bachelorette Pad If You Like Things Sleek Yet Dainty

In Focus: Take Inspiration From Lovi Poe's Bachelorette Pad If You Like Things Sleek Yet Dainty

Now that Lovi Poe's three-floor bachelorette pad is finally complete, the actress couldn't be happier (check her reaction here), and she has every right to be so, as this lovely space is a showcase of characteristics she absolutely loves, which, according to the Heim Interiors blog Design Made Happy are: Elegant, cozy, and clean.

Lovi inspecting the construction progress of her home a few months ago.
Lovi was all smiles after seeing her finished home for the first time a few weeks ago. 


Designed by Heim Interiors' Rossy Yabut-Rojales and Paola Engracia, Lovi’s unit has a blue and white color theme and puts emphasis on comfort, all specified by Lovi herself to Yabut-Rojales and Engracia during the brainstorming process.

All of the design pegs Lovi wanted for her home, of which Yabut-Rojales and Engracia used as a basis for the overall design.


Keeping it simple and straight to the point, hints of wood and metallic accentuate the vast space of Lovi’s pad. “The use of classic elements lend the feel of elegance but at the same time the modern lines help the space refrain from being uptight,” writer Patricia Calayan said in the article on Design Made Happy.

Classic elements give the place a sense of elegance, while fusing it with modern lines makes the home open and airy. In this case, Lovi's living room and dining room are connected to one another seamlessly.


The use of light colors like white gives the area the illusion of being way more spacious.


Among the main highlights of this vast home? The dining area, which has a design that is definitely Pinterest-worthy with details such as the glass hanging lamps and the wall-mounted vanity mirror.

Accents like these hanging lamps and mirror can make any room look more elegant.


While majority of Lovi's home is dominated by white, her master bedroom is the opposite: Originally made from two smaller rooms, the walls are painted in blue, with white serving as an accent color.

Light blue is pleasing to the eyes, perfect for places of relaxation like the bedroom.


Another space that is different from the rest of her home? Lovi's work area, where the walls are in a sweet shade of light pink, with white and grey serving as accent colors. The work area also features minimal furniture: Only a chair, table, a trash can, and a shelf are present, along with a love seat.

Pastel colors like pink, along with a clutter-free space helps one to be calm and focused while staying productive at the same time. 


While mixing modern and classic home design elements is hard to pull off, Lovi is simply fortunate to have the team of Heim Interiors help translate her vision into reality. More proof of just how much she loves her new home? She missed it so much (along with her pet Maltese Señorito) after her recent trip to Havana, Cuba!

Mornings with Señorito are always vibrant thanks to the overall ambiance of Lovi's home.


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