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Cheat Sheet: Quick Merienda Ideas To Tide You Over A Hard Day At Work

Cheat Sheet: Quick Merienda Ideas To Tide You Over A Hard Day At Work

Rihanna sang “work, work, work, work, work” in one of 2016’s most popular anthems. What she forgot to include in the lyrics, though, is the importance of having merienda breaks in between. After all, you’ll need fuel to work, work, and work some more. While it’s understandable that you won’t always have time to prep a really good meal, you can turn plain merienda staples into something that’s truly delightful—all you need is the Alaska Condensed Snack Pack!

Not only will the Alaska Condensed Snack Pack make your merienda more special, it will also give you a much-needed re-energizing boost because it’s packed with essential nutrients! Here are a few quick and simple snack ideas that you can have during the middle of a busy work day.


Let’s toast! Toasted bread, whether it’s pandesal or a loaf, is one of the most basic meriendas you can have. We all have our own choices for the palaman, but regardless if it’s cheese spread or peanut butter, drizzling your toasted bread with Alaska Condensed Snack Pack will make your merienda even better! With this combo, you’ll probably be toasting as many loaves of bread as your oven can accommodate.


Get fruity! Fruits and Alaska Condensed Snack Pack go well together. Whether it’s a mix of fruits or a bowl of sliced bananas, condensed milk will feel right at home. Who said healthy food can’t be this yummy?


Call it turon con lecheTuron is an office merienda favorite because you can easily find it in the cafeteria (or on the streets!). With Alaska Condensed Snack Pack, you can make this Pinoy classic even better! Just drizzle it with condensed milk and voila—you now have turon con leche!


The perfect perk-you-up! If you really need a midday boost, nothing beats a good cup of joe. Add Alaska Condensed Snack Pack to it and you won’t have to spend your hard-earned cash on expensive coffee from the nearby café anymore. 


All of these are so easy to make and won’t take longer than five minutes to prep. And speaking of “five,“ the Alaska Condensed Snack Pack only costs P5—leveling-up your midday snack is so affordable! So when you get to your office, don’t just work hard—remember to take your well-deserved merienda breaks!


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