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Cheat Sheet: Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Love—That Are Also Good For Them!

Cheat Sheet: Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Love—That Are Also Good For Them!

The struggle is real: Trying to feed your kids healthy food is a challenge moms go through every day. Children would rather eat food that tastes good than the kind that’s actually good for them. But know this: There’s no need to choose between the two. With Alaska Condensed Snack Pack, the little tykes get to enjoy the best of both worlds because not only is it delicious, it also contains more than 20 essential nutrients! Below, we have a few healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes involving fruits and the Alaska Condensed Snack Pack that kids and the kids at heart will enjoy.


Fruit salad sandwich. Sing with us: You have a fruit salad. You have a sandwich. Ta-daah: Fruit salad sandwich! Bet you haven’t tried this one before. All you need to do is to mix sliced fruits with the Alaska Condensed Snack Pack and use this yummy combo as palaman for your bread. To make it even better, use a sandwich maker to grill it to perfection.


Fruit salad cookie sandwich. Much like the fruit salad sandwich above, this treat would make use of sliced fruits and the Alaska Condensed Snack Pack. But this time, switch the bread out for grahams. For the best snacking experience, chill the sandwiches inside the fridge before putting ‘em in your tummy!


Fruit kebabs. Sometimes, eating food off a stick makes all the difference. Your kids will love fruits as much as you do if you serve these kebab-style! Just slice and dice the fruits and skewer them through barbeque or popsicle sticks. For the sauce, pour Alaska Condensed Snack Pack in a bowl for easy dipping. 


Dip and roll. This one can be pretty fun: Ask your kids to help out and tell them to dip the fruits into a bowl with the Alaska Condensed Snack Pack. Afterwards, direct them to roll the fruits in a plate of crushed grahams or cookies and cream cookies. The children will enjoy both making and eating this snack!


Cheesecake cups. This one needs more prep time, but it’ll be a guaranteed hit with your kids. First off, mix half a bar of cream cheese with four packs of the Alaska Condensed Snack Pack. Afterwards, get several cups, place crushed grahams in the bottom, put the cream cheese and the Alaska Condensed Snack pack mixture in the middle, then top them with mixed fruits. Store these inside the fridge until they’re nearly frozen before enjoying these cheesy treats!


Suggested fruits:

- Apples and grapes have antioxidants that provide protection from heart diseases

- Bananas help with lowering blood pressure due to the high potassium content

- Melon contains vitamin A that aids in cell reproduction

- Kiwi assists in bowel movement

- Strawberries contain folic acid that keeps the heart in check

- Avocados have fatty acids that lower bad cholesterol

- Papaya is filled with vitamins A, C, and E that lower chances of colon cancer and heart diseases

- Watermelon is packed with lycopene that fights cell damage

- Pineapple contains bromelain, which aids in digestion


With these fresh merienda ideas, you won’t have a hard time looking for healthy but yummy snacks for your kids. Remember, snack time with the family is always a fun and healthy time with fruits and the Alaska Condensed Snack Pack! 


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