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A for Perseverance: What Everyone Can Learn From This 9-Year-Old Boy

A for Perseverance: What Everyone Can Learn From This 9-Year-Old Boy

Wisdom doesn’t always mean age. This boy definitely showed he’s wise beyond his years.

A few weeks ago, certain photos uploaded by a Facebook user named Joyce Torrefrance went viral and all for good reasons. In the photos, a 9-year-old boy, identified as Daniel Cabrera was shown almost kneeling before a makeshift wooden bench as he wrote on what appeared to be a workbook placed atop of the said bench. The photos were taken on a pavement beside a fast food chain near where his mother works.

Netizens showed delight by the said photos evident with its 406 likes and almost 9,000 shares as of writing. And who wouldn’t see the reason why it tugged at the heartstrings of people? For one, the photos were heartwarming. But more than that, Daniel embodied virtues some people still strive to possess to this day.


Of Unspoken Guilt and Perseverance

Upon seeing the photos, many felt inspired and understandably so, here was someone who could care less about having less. Despite the lack of resources, Daniel didn’t see it as a hindrance to doing his homework.

But rooted from the “being inspired” remarks, there was also the unspoken guilt many people felt. The people who have more but still couldn’t help complain about so many things. Then there was shame; to feel a bit embarrassed of how spoiled people can get sometimes while others are content with what little they have.

But guilt, guilt is good. And even if you don’t say it out loud, to feel embarrassed about yourself for taking things for granted is good, too. Guilt should be able to drive you to do better, act better, and be better. Sometimes it’s easy to lose heart when challenges come, but if a 9-year-old can’t be bother with life’s difficulties, then you can do it too.

And as for Daniel, the road may have been long and winding but with perseverance like his, you know he’s perfectly set for a bright future while continuing to inspire more with his story along the way.







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