In Focus: Maxene Magalona's Condo Is Minimalism And Girly Cuteness In Perfect Harmony

In Focus: Maxene Magalona's Condo Is Minimalism And Girly Cuteness In Perfect Harmony

She may have just celebrated her 30th birthday, but Maxene Magalona remains to be a kid-at-heart, and this is evident in how her condo unit is designed and decorated.

Siblings Arkin and Clara Magalona sure feel at home at their ate's place.


An avid fan of Hello Kitty, Maxene's collection, from headgear, wall portrait, to dreamcatcher, is proudly showcased in her home (and her head, in the case of the hat).

Maxene is all smiles seated atop her latest purchase: A new bed for her room.


Aside from being a showcase of her penchant for all things girly, like the Hello Kitty dreamcatcher, the floral wallpaper, and the polka dot chair (Maxene bought it from Heima, BTW), her being a very organized person is also apparent: Check out the stack of plastic box organizers beside her table! 


Dainty and functional, her floral wallpaper and her cabinets with built-in mirrors are totally to-die-for for every girl.

You can never go wrong with all-white paint if you're a lover of the classics.


With the number of mirrors in her room, Maxene can easily check out her outfit for the day before heading out. No wonder her looks are always flawless from all angles!


Albeit still a work in progress, Maxene makes sure that her home purchases reflect her girly, youthful personality.

This new addition to Maxene's condo suits her effervescent personality well, what with its pastel colors and pretty handles.


Of course, her girly, cozy abode is not complete without photos of her loved ones: Late dad Francis Magalona and boyfriend Rob Mananquil!

The two most important men in Maxene's life have a special place in her space.


One of the best parts of her condo? It has to be the view by the window, which Maxene loves taking photos of.

Maxene's place is a perfect to capture sunrise and sunset photos from, not to mention the cityscape, too!


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