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In Focus: 10 Strange Traditions Around The World During Christmas Day

In Focus: 10 Strange Traditions Around The World During Christmas Day

Ever wonder what they do in other countries as a Christmas tradition? We've compiled a list of our favorites from this fun Fox News Travel article on Christmas traditions that will surely surprise you (because they're weird for the most part), but, nevertheless, you might want to try them because they just seem fun!

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1. Norway. During Christmas Eve in Norway, you will not see any brooms because they are kept hidden just in case any witches or evil spirits come by to steal them. 


2. Japan. While Christmas is not celebrated in Japan, it's a tradition to eat at KFC in Japan during Christmas day. This started back in 1974 when they set a marketing campaign targeting foreign tourists.


3. Germany. In Germany, they hide a pickle in the Christmas tree. The first child who finds it wins a gift.


4. Germany. Also in Germany, instead of stockings, German children leave a shoe outside their homes. They get filled with sweets at night, but when they have been naughty they are filled with twigs.


5. Italy. Children do not wait for Santa Claus on the 25th of December. They wait for Befana, a friendly witch who delivers presents on the 5th of January.


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6. Canada. You can write a letter to Santa in Canada. Canada posts accepts and writes back letters addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole, Canada. 


7. England. They leave stockings to be filled with sweets, but expect to receive coal instead if you have been naughty.


8. Ukraine. Here, they forego traditional decorations for trees. Instead, they put cobwebs and spiders as if it were Halloween. 


9. Czech Republic. An unmarried woman throws a shoe over their shoulder by the door. If the shoe points to the door, she is believed to marry the following year. 


10. Estonia. A family that saunas together, stays together, perhaps? It is apparently a tradition for a family to head to the sauna together during Christmas in Estonia.


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