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The Six Fix: Travel Tips That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Holiday Adventures Hassle-Free

The Six Fix: Travel Tips That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Holiday Adventures Hassle-Free

December is the opportunity for many of us to travel, whether it be to visit a new country or to just go back home (if we work away from out hometowns) for the holidays. We have Christmas, then the New Year shortly after, giving a longer vacation period than any other time of the year.

We've compiled tips to help you truly make the most out of your trips—master them banish hassle from your adventures:


1. Keep a file of your passport in your e-mail. Having a copy of your passport in your e-mail can save you more than you can imagine. Aside from having a photocopy of your passport, keep a pdf file as well. You can at least access the details thru any computer in case you lose your passport. Extra tip: Filling up forms requiring details of your passport may also be done easier by a photo of your passport on your phone instead of having to whip it out of your bag every time. 


2. Dress comfortably. Dress comfortably while in transit. Delays and detours are unlikely but they are not inevitable. Also, make sure to carry extra underwear in your hand-carry for any missing luggage emergency.


3. Invest in a travel toiletry kit. A travel toiletry organizer is your best friend. Make sure to get the one with a hook to hang easily. You can just open and hang your things without having to lay them out one by one on the counter. It's easy as pack and go, and it will keep all the necessities in your bag in place. With packing made easy, you can still do your last minute shopping run. 


4. Weather report check. Checking the weather report will help you pack for your trip. You would know which appropriate clothes to bring, for starters; and more importantly, this will also help you maximize your itinerary, making every minute count. 


5. Reserve in advance. If you plan on eating at an in-demand restaurant, it sure would not hurt to book your table in advance. Or if you want to see a play, purchase tickets beforehand. Don't waste time waiting in line. 


6. Emergency funds. I'm sure you've heard horror stories of your friends losing their wallets or their entire bag, leaving them without any resources. Keep a stash of emergency money. You'll never know when you will need this.  


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