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In Focus: A Dessert Lover's Guide To The Best Sweet Treats

In Focus: A Dessert Lover's Guide To The Best Sweet Treats

Dessert is the best course of any meal and every meal—yes? Yes!. No matter how full you are, everyone makes room for a sugary finale. And when the sweet tooth comes a-knockin', why not treat yourself and get your sugar fix with the best dessert options from Boulangerie22?

Between chocolate brownies, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, layer cakes, and fruit pies, we got dessert on our minds all day long—and this list goes on forever. So here below are some mouthwathering treats to help you end your meal on a sweet note, and these treats aren't just memorable; they are worth every single delicious calorie. 


Aren't these animal cakes just too cute to eat? Sure there's a cake to please any animal lover, so why not try Boulangerie's very own character cakes. There's Lovely Teddy in chocolate flavor, Year of Me Cake in chocolate chiffon and ganache with caramel buttercream, Mr. Piggy in vanilla chiffon with fresh strawberry buttercream covered in strawberry chocolate ganache and finally, What's Up Wabbit, a carrot cake in an unbelievable combination of fresh carrots, coconut, pineapple and walnuts with cream cheese frosting covered in white chocolate ganache. Go, take a peak and try not to die from cuteness overload!


This light and airy Mocha Espresso Cake has the delicious taste of Coffee Espresso Glazed and Mocha Buttercream perfect for dessert and afternoon snack. 


Soft and chewy Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie is packed with dark belgian chocolate and rolled oats, a hearty twist on the classic recipe. Chocolate lovers will surely love the chips, and whole-grain seekers will appreciate the natural oats.


Colorful, tasty, and sweet! Start drooling over the mesmerizing pattern and colors of these Macarons from Boulangerie22 as you lay your eyes on them. From chocolate to pistachio, there’s a macaron in every flavor, which means it’s pretty impossible to tire of them. 


This two-ingredient Hot Peanut Butter Crumble Bread with Premium Vanilla/Chocolate Ice Cream is terrific any time of the day, just like that ice cream pan de sal sandwich from our childhood. The cozy combination makes for a delicious, satisfying treat—the ice cream here are  just next level delectable!


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