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Cheat Sheet: These Ideas Will Help You Celebrate A Deluxe Christmas You Won’t Forget

Cheat Sheet: These Ideas Will Help You Celebrate A Deluxe Christmas You Won’t Forget

Christmas is definitely one of the most awaited moments every year, so it wouldn’t hurt to go the extra mile for this special occasion! After all the stress you’ve been through, it’s only fitting to spend your hard-earned bonus on things you really want to do.

‘Tis the season to give in to your heart’s desires. Check out these must-try ideas that will make your Christmas with the whole family beyond memorable!


Staycation during the holidays. Break away from stress and go on a getaway to strengthen your brood’s bond. If you can’t go that far, just book a stay in the city of resorts near you. Grab this chance to make new memories before the year ends—you and your family totally deserve it!


Noche Buena like no other. Lechon, spaghetti, Queso de bola, fruit salad, and your mother’s signature dish—Filipinos always take pleasure in giving a scrumptious treat for loved ones every Christmas. Not up for the preparation? Consider having your Christmas Eve dinner catered this year. You can still enjoy your favorite dishes, but this time, it’s care of your favorite chef or restaurant. Or if you prefer to dine out, just book a reservation for your intimate party at a hotel or restaurant. A grandiose Noche Buena—who wouldn’t want to try that, right?


Have your own family Christmas card. Looking for the perfect memento this holiday season? A family portrait sounds like a good plan! Shop for matching outfits and do a fun-themed photoshoot. You can have the photos printed out as your family Christmas cards, blown up on a bigger canvas that you can hang on your walls, or just simply have them as wallet-sized photos. This will serve as the best reminder of how great the year has been for you and your loved ones. 


Give away personalized gifts for your loved ones. Engrave a loved one’s name on a vintage pen, have his monogram stamped on luggage, or turn their name into a beautiful, stunning piece of fashion jewelry—nothing says a gift from the heart like a personalized present.


Go all-out on Christmas decorations. From classic trimmings of mistletoe, themed possibilities like a winter wonderland to matchy dinnerware—there’s a lot that you can do to bring the magic of Christmas into your home!


Having second thoughts if these ideas will hurt your fund? Don’t worry! BDO Credit Cards will make things easier for you and your Christmas budget. From now until December 31, 2016, you can shop for the holidays and pay next year! Enjoy 2 months billing holiday at Absolutely 0% Installment in any of the over 10,000 BDO partner stores nationwide! Simply use your BDO or American Express Credit Card to pay for your purchases. With BDO, you can tick off your family’s wishlist without worrying about your payments!


We only get to celebrate Christmas once a year. With the right plan for the holidays (and for your finances!), you can focus on spreading the Yuletide cheer and having a blast this season!


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