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Hot Stuff: Richard Juan's Got A Cute New Baby!

Hot Stuff: Richard Juan's Got A Cute New Baby!

Hold your horses: Guy's still single, but he's got a business that we're sure you'll fall in love with at first sight.

When Richard Juan is not busy acting onscreen, posing for the camera, or hosting in front of a live audience, he is happily busy growing his online business, Funsies Factory.

As seen on his stint in Pinoy Big Brother, Richard was a doer. He was smart, resourceful, and a go-getter, and this new venture of his is further proof of that.

Read on to get to know more about Funsies Factory, straight from Richard himself:


You've got a thriving career, why did you decide to get into business? "I've always been into business probably because my dad's a businessman. It's funny cause growing up, the original plan was really to do business after graduating University. I was just very fortunate to have the opportunity to work in showbiz before graduating so I've decided to stick to it and also start doing business, too."

A couples onesie would be cute for you and your significant other.


What got you into selling onesies? "I've always loved onesies! It's like the cutest thing ever but boys are rarely allowed to wear it cause it's too 'girly'. On top of that, everyone's usually shy to wear it or only wear it if there's a onesie/costume party! But I wanted to change that concept and make it cool to wear onesies anywhere, everywhere! I then talked to my college friends who have always been into business and we decided to make it happen! "

Found: Pikachu (really, it's Richard) in Seoul, Korea!

How has the Internet helped your business? "The internet became a platform for us to sell our products. Back in the day, we really needed to rent a store, or at least a space in a store to sell our products but with the internet, people can order our products and we can deliver them to our customers. Furthermore, everyone is online nowadays. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, we can inform people about our products or our company name, or really even our existence, a lot easier."

Character onsies for you and your bff

Character onesies for you and your BFF!


Onesies are the perfect gift for... "Onesies are the perfect gift for your loved ones during Christmas! Imagine the whole family taking a family photo while wearing onesies... SUPER CUTE! :)"

We agree!

Celebrity sighting, Sue Ramirez in a panda onesie!


What's next for Richard? I guess we'll have to find out and follow his journey on his Instagram page,  @richardjuan.

You may check out Richard's online shop here, @funsiesfactory to order your favorite onesie!


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