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Cheat Sheet: 7 Holiday Commandments To Live By For More Meaningful Celebrations

Cheat Sheet: 7 Holiday Commandments To Live By For More Meaningful Celebrations

Tis' the season to party! With the number of shindigs we have to attend, it's no surprise that getting stressed is also common this time of the year. Allow us to make things easier for you with these seven holiday commandments from two lovely ladies who sure know how to throw a great party and how to be at your best in every event and moment this season: Events planner Trina Velilla-Milan and life coach Kimi Lu:

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1. Come on time. You already know there is traffic. If you usually get there in 30 minutes, double it and give yourself an hour. Respect each other’s time.


2. It’s a must for both Trina and Kimi to not come empty-handed. Trina recalls when she was in college, a friend of hers reminded her to not attend a party empty-handed—especially if the host invites you to their home. She suggests bringing a Host Gift: A bottle of wine, a box of cake, or a scented candle are classic gifts. You may also get creative. Kimi suggests offering to bring something, prepare something, or at the very least pay for your share. Insist on it. But of course if they also insist that they'll take care of it, gladly accept and say thank you! Thank you is very magical up to this day.


3. Be a polite guest. Hosts are most likely to decline but offering to help is usually appreciated. Especially in opening the wine, refilling the ice tray, putting out dishes or by simply not making a big mess around their home.


4. Overdressed is always better than being underdressed. This shows that you prepared for the occasion and that the people you're meeting are important to you.


5. Enjoy yourself. Keep negative comments to yourself. Not everything in the party will be perfect. Smile and be nice to those who are serving. No one likes a rude guest. Any host would want you to make yourself comfortable, feel at home, and have fun but within reason, of course. Try not to overindulge.


6. Both Trina and Kimi say “Mingle!”. Trina organizes parties and events herself to get to know the people in the party by being present. Ask thoughtful and tactful questions to engage in table talk. But 'Listen more than you talk.' A good policy these days is to leave your phone on silent mode in your jacket pocket or in your bag then excuse yourself properly when you need to answer a call. Kimi, being invited to guest and speak at gatherings and events, points out that people don't like going to eat and run parties. Put away your phone and have meaningful human connections! You'll never regret it.


7. Last but not least, the both preach gratitude. For Trina, “Gratitude is the best attitude”—a host will appreciate a grateful guest. Remember to thank the host for their hospitality before leaving. As for Kimi, "have a gratitude practice!" For every party that you go to, try to initiate gratitude round. Ask each person to say something they are grateful for. This gives the gathering deeper meaning and purpose.

You may contact Trina thru her Instagram account here. To learn more about Kimi, visit her website here


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