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Couple Peg: Jeron Teng and Jeanine Tsoi, Love That's Never On The Sidelines

Couple Peg: Jeron Teng and Jeanine Tsoi, Love That's Never On The Sidelines

What better way to close out a remarkable UAAP career than with a championship and Finals MVP honors?

Jeron Teng has indeed gotten everything any collegiate baller could want, including legions of fans, but of course, it is not without immense focus, loads of hardwork, and countless sacrifices. Thankfully, he's got an awesome cheerleader by his side: Courtside reporter, model, and TV host for many, but for King Archer Jeron, his one and only sweetheart, Jeanine Tsoi.

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So what does it take to make young love work for this very busy couple? Two words: Compatibility and acceptance. In our interview with them, Jeron shared that he loves that he can be himself, serious and playful sides both, with Jeanine; he also loves that she's all understanding during moments when school and basketball are all he has time for. She, on the other hand, describes him as "maalaga, malambing, thoughtful, and sweet."

One thing they both truly enjoy? Studying! Check out Jeanine's uber sweet congratulatory post for Jeron when he made it to the dean's list:


They do know how to have fun as well, and love watching movies, concerts, plays, traveling, and eating out together.


Jeron added that one of the things he appreciates most about Jeanine is that she never misses his games and she is there to celebrate with him his victories, and to comfort him during losses.

How cute are they as Aladdin and Jasmine?



Love for both of them is indeed never just on the sidelines: For Jeron and Jeanine, life is so much sweeter when you have the one you love to share moments with, win or lose, overwhelming academic work, jampacked schedules, and all.

You can follow their love story on their respective instagram accounts, Jeanine Tsoi and Jeron Teng


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