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Daily Diaries: 10 Sweet Reminders That Us Women Should Embracing Our Uniqueness, Flaws And All

Daily Diaries: 10 Sweet Reminders That Us Women Should Embracing Our Uniqueness, Flaws And All

Happiness is a choice we make every day, and if you need a little boost today, or a shift in perspective, we’ve compiled 10 lovely quotes about how as women, we must be unapologetically proud to be part of this diverse but drawn together tribe, and celebrate our uniqueness, flaws and all—as well as advice on matters of the heart from them who have been there and done that, all from iconic jewelry brand Pandora’s coffee table book, I Am, We Are Unique:


“We tend to believe we need to stick to one goal in order to succeed but being determined is also about knowing when to set new ones in order to achieve an even bigger dream.” –Valerie Chua, a visual artist and art instructor who recently shifted her focus from commercial illustrating to gallery work


“No matter who we are and who we love, love transforms us. For it is the desire to make oneself known to another without pretense. It may not always be easy, but because it shapes us, it is always worthwhile.” –Tin Jacinto, a student, practitioner, and teacher, who was forever changed by her experience at first love


“We are stronger and more resilient when we find the wings to fly. When we discover our own happiness and meaning.” –Mitzi Borromeo, TV anchor and news correspondent at CNN Philippines, who charted her own course albeit it was against the wishes of her mother


“Many times we pressure ourselves into thinking that we need to be someone special right away. But each new day is a chance to create ourselves. To connect with others. To enjoy the process of becoming who we are.” –Carmen del Prado, a visual storyteller (film and photography) who found herself by creating and inspiring herself one day at a time


“As mothers, we often think that being in control will keep our children safe and happy. But sometimes life forces us to let go so that we learn to connect to a higher power. And it is this connection to and trust in the divine that keeps us all safe and protected.” –Lia Bernardo, Psychoneurologist and Integrative Health PhD candidate and practitioner, and founder of SouLove, a concept that unlocks the journey to a state of being where one comes from self-love and self-acceptance, enabling us to live or live from our infinite potential


“We often feel we need to let the world believe we’re superwomen. But I think the identity we need to accept and be proud of is not the hero who can fly, but the one who knows who she is even when she falls.” –Samantha Sotto, bestselling author of Before Ever After, who learned in her writing journey that the antidote to failure is not success, but acceptance


“As women we need to realize that it is not selfish to take care of ourselves. We owe it to ourselves and to our loved ones to be happy, healthy, and strong.” –Nina Santamaria, professional interior designer and Stage 2 Ovarian Cancer Survivor


“If we attempt to live within the expectations the world has laid out for us, we only serve to stifle ourselves. But life should be lived and fully embraced. With love, enlightenment, and laughter on our side, we are limitless.” –Grace Katigbak, artist an Palanca award-winning writer who have found God once again


“Growing up women are taught to believe that true love entails melodrama, pain, and a distorted sense of sacrifice. But love should never come at the expense of our wholeness and peace. It’s ironic that marriage teaches us to compromise, yet the first lesson many of us need to learn is to not settle.” –Rachel Consunji, Organization and Research Development Consultant and professionally trained coach


“When we think we’ve hit rock bottom, we really haven’t. And if we choose to hold on to even just that one percent of hope that remains in our hearts, we can accomplish far greater things—not just for ourselves, but for others.” –Chi Datu Bocobo, former television journalist who reported on the 9/11 attacks in New York City


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Photograph from the Pandora Philippines Facebook Page




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