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The Six Fix: A College Survival Guide

The Six Fix: A College Survival Guide

Deadlines, exams, maintaining your GPA, and dealing with strict professors—college can be more terrifying than your favorite horror film. Juggling those while—gasp!—maintaining a social life and making time for yourself can be really challenging. But know this: College isn’t impossible. Through this college survival guide, we’ll give you tips to make your stay on the campus an easier and much more rewarding experience!


1. Make friends. Talk to your seatmates in your various classes and meet new pals. Joining an org is also a good idea. Remember: You can’t survive college on your own. Build your network; try to get to know as many people as you can. More than what you’ll learn, the friends you make can be the greatest gift you’ll receive from college.


2. Get to know your profs. As mentioned above, make friends—that includes your prof. They can serve as your mentors and help you traverse college and even the world beyond. Many successful figures in our society had mentors early on who helped shape them into the people they are now.


3. Work hard, play hard! When it’s time to study, do. Just don’t do it all the time. Make time for social interaction. You’ll need a healthy balance of social and academic activities to make it through college without going insane. Or if your idea of “play hard” is “Netflix and chill,” don’t deprive yourself of the things that you enjoy. Reward yourself for putting in the work.


4. Be organized. With so much going on, mental notes just aren’t enough. To avoid missing deadlines, use a planner, an app, or a calendar to keep track of everything. You’re an adult now, you can’t expect others to keep on reminding you about these things.


5. Don’t take your health for granted. Yes, you need to study, study, and study some more, but you also have to take care of yourself, too. Eat right. Get enough sleep. Stay fit by exercising regularly, which will also go a long way in alleviating stress. Also, be prepared for anything. For instance, if you have an exam coming up and you’re dealing with tummy trouble (oh no, diarrhea!), #KeepCalmHandy with Imodium! It pays to be ready.


6. Don’t wait ‘til graduation to pursue the things you want. Work on those side projects. Embark on that road trip. Find romance. Choose adventure when you can. By doing so, you just might learn more than simply burying your face in your textbooks all the time. But again, strike a balance.


College can indeed be tough, but it could also be the most fun four years of your young life. Just be smart and be prepared for whatever that may come—with #ImodiumPH, you can always #KeepCalmHandy amid all the challenges of your college life! Enjoy the ride!


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