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In Focus: How Micellar Water Is Changing The Cleansing Game

In Focus: How Micellar Water Is Changing The Cleansing Game

We’ve all been taught since we were young girls that there’s no purer cleanser in this world than water—but as we grew up and discovered the power of makeup, had battles with acne, stress, dryness, and what not, water just wasn’t enough anymore so we went on our own personal search for the perfect products that will make up our cleanse, tone, and moisturize system. To those who have found theirs already, lucky you; to those who are still looking for theirs, always remember to listen to your skin, and of course, consult a dermatologist you trust—keep the faith, but don’t be too experimental, too much trial and error can do more harm than good.

And since we’re in an age where everything just gets an upgrade, even our go-to water has a more hardworking counterpart: Micellar Water. Recently, a very pocket-friendly iteration of this miracle product which French women trust to give them smooth, supple skin arrived on Philippine shores, the L’Oreal Paris Micellar Water, which not only cleanses your face but is also bent to remove the most stubborn of makeup and soothes dry and tired skin. We had a quick chat with the guest dermatologist at the event, Dr. Cathy Ang, to learn the most important things we need to know about this innovation:

What is micellar water? "Micellar water has been popular in France for so long, maybe the last century or so. It's a cleanser, makeup remover, moisturizer in one. Compared to regular cleansers, it doesn’t strip away the moisture of your skin, it doesn’t leave it dry and irritated, and it can remove your makeup as well. Micells are little oil molecules that attract dirt, oil, and makeup, and leaves your skin fresh and hydrated."

Why choose it over normal water? "Normal water can’t remove your everyday makeup and everyday dirt so micellar water is better. They say France developed this technology because [of] hard water vs soft water... hard water has a lot of chemicals that leave your skin dry and irritated."

What's the best way to cleanse your skin? "Cleanse at least twice a day, cleanse after sweating. Don’t tug at your skin, don’t be too harsh. With micellar water, you don’t need much pressure to remove mkeup so it's much gentler on your skin."

Anything we should avoid? "Too much cleansing, no matter what you use. Only do as needed; as with everything, just do everything in moderation."


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