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The Six Fix: Amy Ewing's Tips On What It Takes To Be A Successful Book Author

The Six Fix: Amy Ewing's Tips On What It Takes To Be A Successful Book Author

This year, there was no shortage of international authors that flew all the way to our YA-loving country. And just recently, we were able to finally meet the author behind The Jewel series, meeting throngs of fans who are eager for a book signature, a photo, and a chance to express their love to the person who brought Violet to life.

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And she was delighted, too. She says, "Oh my god, it was incredible. I was so excited, it was an amazing experience. Just to be asked to come in the Philippines is a dream come true and then of course, I was freaking out. It was really wonderful." And she did not just bring her pen and her giddy self when she went for the book signings. She also shared her tips on how to be like her a.k.a how to be a successful book author. Are you an aspiring book author, too? Then read on for what she has to say!

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1. Do what you love. "A friend of mine said, 'Well, you love YA. You love fantasy. Why not write a fantasy?' So, I did."


2. Just keep going no matter what. "I wrote this book and I think it was terrible, but it got me to graduate school. I spent the year at grad school revising and then I submitted it to agents, and it gets sadly rejected so I failed. I cried a lot, and I said to myself, 'Okay, you can keep on crying or you can write another book. Just two options.' So, I wrote another book, which got me here."


3. Surprise yourself. "So there are like three major points in my story, but then I don’t know how I would get there. I like leaving rooms for the characters to sort of show me what they wanna do and that’s how I work things out. Often times, that’s what makes it more exciting."


4. Be open to changes, because there will be many (including with yourself). "I just remember very clearly the moment that it changed me just realizing that no one’s gonna do this for you. If you have a pen and paper then you have no excuse. If you have a computer, you don’t have an excuse. I’m fully in charge of this initial draft, I am fully in charge of writing it all. It’s you on a blind cage and I think you should find your power in that instead of fear. The power is more important than the fear."


5. Finish what you started. "There’s so much power in finishing a project and you really can’t see what a story is until you end it. It’s so easy to halfway do things and be like, I don’t know where I’m going, I feel lost. I still get to those places where I don’t know what’s happening and I often think about like drawing poison on a wound. Every word that I write is painful, but I make myself write them because I have to write it. Just keep writing because at some point you’re gonna hit something that you’ll be thinking like, 'Now I think I know where I’m going.'"


6. Work hard. "There is really no secret, it’s really hard work and determination."


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