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The Six Fix: These Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds Make Having Pets Much Easier For Everyone

The Six Fix: These Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds Make Having Pets Much Easier For Everyone

What did we do to deserve God blessing us with four-legged angels on earth?

There's no denying that dogs are definitely man's best friend; unfortunately, though, there are some dog lovers out there who are allergic to them. Primary cause of these allergies are the furry friends' dander a.k.a skin flakes found in animal fur, which can easily irritate the mucous membranes in a susceptible human's nose and lungs due to the body's natural mechanism of protecting itself from the dust mites in dander.

For the love of them, humans bred—lo and behold, hypoallergenic dog breeds! Here are six of them, which are all so totally cute, too (no wonder they're some of the most popular):


1. Bichon Frise. Bichon Frise is a small breed of dog, with a life expectancy of to 12-15 years. They are playful, gentle, fiesty, happy, affectionate, and sensitive, and exist in the colors white and cream, white and apricot, and white and buff.


2. Poodle. Poodles come in many sizes, from standard and medium, to miniature and toy. Their life expectancy is 12-15 years. They are said to be instinctual, alert, faithful, active, intelligent, and easy to train. They come in many colors such as white, red, black, grey, blue, sable, brown, silver, apricot, and cream.


3. Schnauzer. Schnauzers originated from Germany. The term comes from the word "snout," referring to their distictive bearded snouts. Their life expectancy is 7-16 years depending on the size. There are miniature, standard, and giant schnauzers. Their colors are black, salt, and pepper.


4. Puli. Pulis are small to medium breed dogs. They have distinct corded coats that look like dreadlocks. Their life span is 12-16 years. They are said to be obedient, agile, loyal, faithful, energetic, and intelligent. 


5. Miniature Bull Terrier. A miniature bull terrier's ancestors are the English white terrier, dalmatian, and bulldog. Their life expectancy is 11-14 years. They are playful, even-tempered, energetic, stubborn, brave, and loving. They come in white, red, tri-colored, fawn, black, tan, and black brindle.



6. Norwich Terrier. Originating from the United Kingdom, they were bred to hunt. Today, they are popular companion dog breeds. Their life expectancy is 12-14 years. They are energetic, hardy, intelligent, affectionate, and sensitive. Their colors are red, grizzle, black and tan, tan, and wheaten. 



Such cute creatures we are so blessed to have!!!


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