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In Focus: Watch Anne, Kathryn, Sarah, And Jessy Bust Some Kickass Martial Arts Moves

In Focus: Watch Anne, Kathryn, Sarah, And Jessy Bust Some Kickass Martial Arts Moves

A few of our favorite celebrities have been spotted taking martial art classes recently.

As we all know, martial arts has been gaining popularity not only as a hobby but as a great workout. And these celebs' martial arts of choice? Muay Thai. 

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is a cultural martial art developed many years ago, wherein you utilize the whole body in a close combat match.

It is known to be "The Art Of Eight Limbs" because you are hitting your opponent with eight of your body parts: Fists, elbows, knees, and legs (shins down to your feet).

It is a great conditioning workout because it requires agility, strength, and endurance. It helps with your mobility and your core strength as well, and it does not only train the body but it also trains the mind. Aside from it being a good conditioning workout, those who practice it will be able to tell you that it's also a good stress reliever. 

Here are clips of some of today's hottest celebs in Muay Thai action that will entice you to try out this sport for yourself:


Kathryn Bernardo. Kathryn shows us how even the most poised of them all can get down and (though not literally) dirty (by sweating it out, no pun intended).


Jessy Mendiola. Jessy definitely works her legs and abs with those kicks. You can hear the solid power of her high kicks!


Anne Curtis. What a winner high kick-punch combo!


Sarah Lahbati. She got her game face on. You can see in the beginning how Sarah can throw a mean elbow.


Be adventurous and try something new! You may visit the following gyms if you wanna join a class:

Ultimate Fitness - Metro Walk Commercial Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City

KMA Fitness and Martial Arts - 104 Tordesilas Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City

Safehouse Fight Academy-  3rd Flr. Lamco Building, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City


But if you're the DIY type, here is a link to a Muay Thai workout you can do on your own!


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