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In Focus: Miles Ocampo And Sharlene San Pedro's Best Friendship Moments In Pictures

In Focus: Miles Ocampo And Sharlene San Pedro's Best Friendship Moments In Pictures

Best Friend Forever a.k.a BFF: She’s the person who knows you so well; she can tell when you’re only pretending to be OK. She knows when you secretly want to leave a party but won’t because you don’t want to seem lame. And most of all, she’s the person who knows just how crazy you are—and loves you for it. 

One of the many perks of having such an amazing friend is being able to be who you really are—even if who you are is kind of bananas. A perfect example are young actresses Miles Ocampo and Sharlene San Pedro, who might've taken a while to become very close, but are now totally inseparable. We first saw them together on Goin’ Bulilit when they were still young, but it was only during their stint on teen comedy series Luv U when they became best of friends.

They may both be very busy now, but look at how they still find time for each other, totally inducing BFF envy among all of us:


Work can be tough—especially in the showbiz industry. And sometimes, the only thing that makes your job better are the people surrounding you. After all, whether we like it or not, we end up spending more time with our co-workers. But for some, and luckily for these two, they have found more than just a work friend—but a best friend in each other. Look at this photo of Sharlene and Miles backstage on ASAP which shows that nothing is really better than a good, hearty laugh with your BFF.


Whether you make your own bracelets to share with friends, buy matching charms, or wear your fave fandom's merch jewelry, accessorizing with your BFFs is always tons of fun! Usually meant to be given to your closest friend to symbolize your lasting friendship, friendship bands, the symbols engraved on jewelry, they all mean the same thing: Camaraderie, loyalty, and how special you see each other. Check out Miles and Sharlene's two friendship symbols below:


You know how they say some couples look like each other over time? Well, this pair of friends have been two peas in a pod for years, and it's certainly starting to show. Their OOTDs are practically twinning levels.


It’s so easy to take people we care about for granted, but nothing makes you feel more alive and joyful than experiencing true happiness with a friend or loved one. So, be sure you take time to let those you love know how much you appreciate them. And one way to do that is by way of small things to surprise them and brighten up their day. Just like when Miles surprised her beshie Sharlene for her birthday, captioning this Instagram post, "I love you very much."


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