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In Focus: Chef Heny Sison Reveals Her Ultimate Secrets To Achieving Cake And Pastry Perfection

In Focus: Chef Heny Sison Reveals Her Ultimate Secrets To Achieving Cake And Pastry Perfection

Every self-respecting baking and pastry aficionado in the country knows that if you want to get the best training in this field, there’s no one else to go to here in Manila than The Heny Sison Culinary School. But did you know that Heny Sison would’ve been a successful doctor or banker by now if she had chosen the paths her parents laid out for her? Thankfully, her passion for the culinary arts won over her parents’ wishes, or else we wouldn’t be enjoying all her exquisite creations today.

Conquering a few bumps along the way, she furthered her knowledge in the culinary arts by enrolling in cooking schools here and abroad. What started as a hobby became more than Chef Heny could have ever imagined: She now has a 26-year old culinary school where aspiring pâtissiers and chefs can hone their craft and a bakeshop called Heny Sison Desserterie located inside a fine dining restaurant, which she also manages.

And if there’s one thing Chef Heny knows all too well, it’s the fact that cooking is both an art and a science. If you don’t use the right tools, neglect an element, or go over the right measure, things can go haywire or, in the culinary side of things, the outcome is a bad dish. The cooking process is tedious but chefs have an ally in the right kitchen tools.

“I strive for perfection every time I bake or cook. I also make sure that everything is in order before I start my classes. Bago ako magsimula, kailangan ‘yung aking ingredients kumpleto (before I begin, all my ingredients need to be in place).  The utensils should be ready and complete, the equipment are in good working condition. And then, of course, the LPG has to be gold quality standard, Petron Gasul,” she shares.

We think we know our LPG tanks but in reality we know little. Choosing the right LPG tank is important. Some may present a cheap price tag but quality and security get botched in the process. This affects business, a waste of time and resource, and may also hamper the user’s safety.

Growing up with the sight of Petron Gasul in the kitchen, Chef Heny stressed that Petron Gasul is safe to use, filled to the brim, and offers value for money. “It’s been here for the longest time. Over 50 years of tested and good service, plus it's the number one LPG in the country,” she adds.

Apart from the quality and true blue flame Petron Gasul offers, it also leads in customer service with courteous delivery personnel, free installation and an additional benefit of P10 discount on 11KG refill for Petron Value Cardholders.

Chef Heny leaves nothing to chance, and the white Petron Gasul seal with the laser printed number is her assurance that she is getting the gold standard kitchen LPG with clean-burning true-blue flame, the right quantity, and cylinders that meet stringent safety standards.

Because to truly attain perfection, you must invest on only the best.

For Petron Gasul Metro Manila free delivery, just dial +632-7378000. Visit the Official Petron Gasul Facebook Page for exclusive kitchen tips and cooking recipes.

The Heny Sison Culinary School caters to a wide range of culinary students, many of whom are either established or budding entrepreneurs in the food business, are in the process of changing careers from the corporate world, and food enthusiasts—housewives, house help and foodies. Being a boutique school, the method of teaching is more focused and intimate, so students learn more and get more value for their money. The school takes pride in the fact that many of the students from its Lifestyle and Essential classes are now successful food business entrepreneurs as well as hotel and restaurant chefs both here and abroad. It is located at 33 Bonnie Serrano Avenue Cor. Sunrise Drive, Crame, Quezon City Philippines. Website:


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