In Focus: Maggie Wilson-Consunji's Taguig Home Is Tropical Glam Served Right

In Focus: Maggie Wilson-Consunji's Taguig Home Is Tropical Glam Served Right

Ever dreamt of visiting exotic destinations such as Morocco or The Maldives? Former beauty queen and now host, swimwear designer, and The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 contestant Maggie Wilson-Consunji’s house will transport you to tropical paradise that you won't even need to leave the metro. Did you know that this gorgeous woman also graduated with an Interior Design degree from the School of Fashion and Arts?

Among her first projects, where she applied the things she learned from studying interior design? Her and husband Victor Consunji’s home in Taguig. Just look at their well-conceptualized bedroom interiors:

Maggie gave a tropical feel to their main bedroom through the use of palm prints as wallpaper, and adding indoor plants.


 Legit #designgoals.


Her love for using printed wallpaper extends to their guest bedroom as well.

With the posh tastes of her mother-in-law in mind, Maggie made use of an orchid-themed wallpaper to liven up their guest bedroom.


Their living room, which Maggie says is her favorite spot at home, is, hands down, the ultimate epitome of tropical glam: Large indoor plants, exotic faux fur rugs, and a wall displaying printed scarves, in a lush color palette that will remind you of the richness of Marakkech.

The Marrakech-inspired furniture and the high ceiling come together beautifully to radiate that luxe island paradise vibe.


Decorative pieces come from Maggie's travels around the world, from destinations like Morocco, South Africa, and Europe, to name a few.


 Another interesting detail in their living room? These abstract portraits of the couple made by Filipino artist Cezar Arro.


Their pool side area recently was redesigned; it now has a solid orange wall and large Morrocan tiles.

A taste of Morocco in the Philippines!


Their kitchen area, while more conservatively designed, is still chock full of elegance: 

Their kitchen still has that tropical vibe with the presence of indoor plants, and the dominant use of wood in the island and the cabinets.


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Photographs from and Maggie Wilson's Facebook account.




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